Trip to Portugal - Évora Museum

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The Évora Museum emerged after the foundation of the public library in 1804, an initiative of the Archbishop of Évora Frei Manuel do Cenáculo to present his collection of archeology and art.

The Évora Museum, is over 100 years old. The interior of the building itself is already worth a visit. The collection started with articles collected by Dr. Augusto Filipe Simões during the 1870s, containing Roman, Visigoth and Arab pieces that used to be part of the Roman Temple, Palácio D. Manuel and Praça do Giraldo.

This museum is really big and we can find several paintings and sculptures, sometimes a little strange. In art we see a lot of strange things too because I don't understand it.

When I go to a city I usually visit a museum in the city. Because I also find the art of each area of the country interesting. If you come to Évora come and visit this museum.

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