Trip to Portugal - Couce #2

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3 years ago

As promised I will continue to write about my adventure to Couce - Rio Ferreira. It was a 3 hour walk/run, and it was well worth it. The path is not complicated to do, but with the high temperatures the task always makes it a little difficult. Again I advise anyone who does this route to take water.

In the middle of the path I found a suspension bridge due to a small stream that runs underneath. As it is summer, this river is dry.

In the middle of these mountains you can find some houses, in which people live in the countryside. These people have a much more relaxed and natural lifestyle. I really appreciate these people who want to live in the most natural way possible. I highly value this choice!

Halfway we started to see the Ferreira River again, where you can enjoy listening to the sound of birds mixed with the sound of the river. It gives me a very relaxing feeling.

This is already the road towards the village of Couce that I mentioned earlier on my blog. There was still about 30 minutes to reach the village.

I was already close to the village and almost reaching my stipulated destination, which was to get close to the Ferreira River. In the next post I will present you amazing photos of the Ferreira River.
I hope you like my posts in the middle of nature/mountains.

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