Trip to Portugal - Barrinha de Esmoriz

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It is a trail that embraces the Esmoriz bar, which traces a 40 meter long bridge that would have existed in the middle of the last century, in a nostalgia that beautifies and enhances the landscape.

It has wooden floors, water always close by, two small bridges, a floating pier, and a viewpoint with a bench and views of the bar, the dunes and the sea. It is a gift of nature that the human hand has decided to enhance and enhance with places where, sometimes, the blues of the sky, the ocean and the lagoon merge into one body.

In this circular route of eight kilometers, there is direct access to the beach of Esmoriz, continuity to Espinho and its bathing areas, several entrances or exits depending on the wishes, around a small bar surrounded by reeds that are painted with the colors of the seasons.

A walk with flora and animals, which the books guarantee are rare to find elsewhere, and a bird watch on the way to try to see up close an animal kingdom inhabited by herons or robins. The reed weasel and red crayfish also live in this habitat.

This lagoon area is part of the Natura 2000 Network, despite its ups and downs in environmental terms that the present and the future want to throw behind their backs. It is precisely this circle of water, which maintained a certain discretion, that is now displayed on a walkway that brought to the surface an area that marinated in strange anonymity.

A peculiar area that shares the same water and has two baptisms. On one side they call it the Esmoriz bar, from Ovar, on the other from Paramos lagoon, from the Espinho band. After all, this area in a liquid state has particularities starting with its geographical location: in the middle of two counties, north of Ovar and south of Espinho, separating two territories with water. But what really matters is a whole scenario that a bridge managed to rescue and that the eyes are grateful for.

Enjoy Nature

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