Trip to Portugal - Angeiras Summer 2020

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This summer I decided to take a mini-vacation near the beach. Angeiras is not far from my house, it is around 30 km, but staying in a house minutes from the beach without having to drive is a feeling of greater relaxation.

Angeiras is a beach in the north of Portugal near the city of Porto, the water temperature is not hot but with high temperatures we will go for a swim on the beach anyway. Even though it's very cold!

This flag in the photo is to signal the area where the lifeguard is. As the sea in this area has stronger waves, it is advisable to stay in an area where there is a person specialized in rescue.

Even in the middle of August, the beach has not been full, which makes social distance easier due to COVID-19. However, it is advisable to always walk with a mask with us, because if we want to enter any establishment it is mandatory to enter with a mask.

The temperatures these days were between 24 degrees and 26 degrees and with little wind. However whoever comes to this beach I advise you to have a windbreak, as there are days when the wind gets a little strong.

In the late afternoon, you can see a beautiful sunset but in the late afternoon the temperature drops a little so the ideal is to be in warmer clothes.

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