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Old city, gray with stone but at the same time green, welcoming and lively, Viseu was considered the best in Portugal in the ranking of quality of life.

To get to know it, there is nothing like starting with the preserved historic center. Rossio departs from several narrow medieval streets, where many traditional shops are found.

It is worth visiting them and discover Rua Direita, or Rua Escura with houses from the XVI century where gargoyles and gothic windows remain, as well as the Quatro Esquinas where one of the gates of the wall stood.

The Adro da Sé is the main point of any visit. Here granite predominates in an imposing ensemble formed by the Paço dos Três Escalões, which houses the Grão Vasco Museum, the Cathedral, the Cónegos balcony and the Keep opposite, the Misericórdia Church, equally majestic, but with a rocaille façade, introduces a cheerful note to the sobriety of the space.

Certainly this square requires some time, but we highlight in the Cathedral the vault ornamented with ropes and knots in stone in Manueline style, and the treasures kept in the Treasury Museum, as well as the works of Vasco Fernandes XV century Portuguese painter ,in the Museum that is dedicated to him.

Viseu has several green spaces, ideal for relaxing walks. We suggest a few: Parque do Fontelo, Parque Aquilino Ribeiro or Cava de Viriato, which would have been a Roman military camp from the 1st / 2nd century BC. And where a statue resembles this Lusitanian hero who bravely resisted the invasion.

This whole area is part of the Dão demarcated wine region, which produces good red and white wines. We can try them at Solar do Dão, headquarters of the Regional Vitivinicultural Commission, on the farms where they are produced, or at the table to accompany the excellent regional cuisine, in which the roasted veal in the Lafões style stands out.

These photos were taken by my mobile phone! Hope you like it.

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