Travel Portugal - Torre dos Clérigos, Porto

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The Igreja dos Clérigos is a true work of art of the century XVIII, designed by Nicolau Nasoni, an architect of Italian origin who left his mark on many monuments in Porto and the northern region of Portugal.

Nasoni is buried, at his request, in a small chapel.

The entire front of the temple shows a very interesting Baroque decoration, which is worth appreciating in detail.

The interior in granite and marble and covered with baroque carving also reveals the mastery of its architect.

In the chancel, there is a polychrome altarpiece by Manuel Porto.

But the most striking element of this set is the Tower built in granite stone that rises from the western top of the church's body.

Unmistakable ex-libris of the city and extremely slender in its 75m height, the Tower develops in rhythmic movements that end in a crown of Baroque decoration.

In 1917, the Torre dos Clérigos was successfully climbed by two Spanish acrobats, Puertullanos, father and son, in front of the huge crowd that crowded around him.

A feat that, looking at the Tower, seems unbelievable.

An interior staircase (240 steps) allows access to the top, where you can admire one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Porto.

These photos were taken by my mobile phone! Hope you like it.

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