Travel Portugal - Senhor da Pedra Beach, Gaia

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The Chapel of Senhor da Pedra, of hexagonal plant, lift on rocks, stands out in the middle of the huge sand and gives the name to this beach, located at the northern end of Miramar Beach.

The small temple of Senhor da Pedra is built on a rocky outcrop about 280 million years old on Miramar beach. In winter it is a solitary place and, with the tides alive, it becomes a litter hit by the foam of the waves.

It appears in photographs around the world, mainly because of its location. It stands out for being leaning against the rocks almost seeming to be part of them and because it is reportedly the only church with its back to the sea. Therefore, it is said that it "belongs to both land and sea".

 On its walls, two panels are read:

  • "The place where this chapel of the lord of the stone rises is certainly the oldest place of worship in the parish before celebrating Christ in it would be a pagan altar."

  • "The origin of the population group of Gulpilhares goes back to greater antiquity, as is well demonstrated by the remarkable archaeological remains that have been found in this region".

It's assumed that, before being a Christian temple, it was a place of pagan worship. Nowadays, people are still frequently seen performing unorthodox rituals behind the church.

The popular cult of Senhor da Pedra is manifested through the Santíssima Trindade Sunday and is considered one of the largest and most charismatic in the city. However, many people visit the place throughout the year.

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