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The city of Valongo is close to the city of Porto, about 11 km on the motorway. The city of Valongo has beside it the highest mountain in the district of Porto.

This village is located between Serra de Santa Justa and Serra de Pias and is bathed by the River Ferreira. It is one of the Villages of Portugal, with cobbled paths and old houses made of quartzite blocks.

To climb the mountain it takes about 1 hour and we must be aware that there are very aggressive climbs. Be especially careful not to venture out at times when the sun is strongest.

It is also important to be careful of the mines that can be found. These mines were made by the Romans to find gold. The Serra de Valongo was the largest site of gold exploration by the Romans.

In this mountain range you can also find several carnivorous and rare plants, however it is necessary to know the mountain well to discover them.

This Valongo mountain is very special for me, because since I was a kid I explored and also used it as my gym to run after arriving from work.

I hope you enjoyed this new trip!!!
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