Travel Portugal - Ribeira, Porto

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Located right in the historic center of Porto, Praça da Ribeira, next to the pier with the same name, is one of the oldest squares in the city, existing since 1389, although very different from today.

It was in this area of Ribeira and in its commercial connection with the Douro River that the city began its frank development and turned to the river.

From here you had access to Ponte das Barcas, where in 1809 more than 4 thousand people died, during an onslaught by French troops. Today, a bronze bas-relief attests to this moment.

The narrow and winding streets, overlooking Gaia, the dark arcades, typical houses with colorful facades from other times, its riverside urban architecture, surrounded by cafes and shops make this one of the main tourist areas of the city.

Daytime and nighttime entertainment, and a cosmopolitan movement give Cais da Ribeira and the surrounding area a unique atmosphere of history, tradition, animation and beauty.

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