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In a few days of visiting Porto, there are places that we cannot miss. In the opinion of many visitors, this city has something of a mystic that can hardly be described and that varies according to the place, the time and the daylight.

But it certainly passes by the people, known for being liberal and friendly in their dealings, as well as the Douro and the heritage of the two banks, with its bridges and monuments, tiles, flowered balconies and shopping streets.

Porto, a World Heritage city, is the great gateway to the North of Portugal and can be the starting point for a journey through the region's natural and cultural diversity.

He is known for the wine he leaves from here for the whole world, but also for other treasures, such as the School of Architecture, from where the names of Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura, both Pritzker Prizes, came from.

Demarcated with the oldest borders in Europe, the North of Portugal is secularly associated with its historical, cultural and natural heritage, as well as with the diversity of its landscapes, often distinguished as world heritage.

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