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The Porto de Mós Castle was conquered in 1148 by D.Afonso Henriques to the Muslims and can be visited on a hill chosen for its construction. From this place you can see a beautiful landscape over the Serra dos Candeeiros and the Lena Valley.

Its building plan is based on a pentagonal plan, but it is known that at the beginning of its construction there were five towers forming part of the five existing angles. From existing historical accounts it is known that the knight D. Fuas Roupinho, the first mayor of Porto de Mós, had left this castle to fight the Moors.

It is in the reign of D.Sancho I that this castle begins to take shape as a dwelling and thus remained until the reign of D.Dinis. It was the latter who had the wall built around the village and given it some palatial features. Later, in the 15 century, it's the Count of Ourém that completely transforms it into a palace.

In the second half of this same century, D.Afonso, begins work on the restoration of the castle and at present some of these features can still be observed. After his death his descendants were careful to preserve and extend the works he had begun.

Also the Duke of Bragança, and after a century, makes some interventions in the castle, but in the year 1735 one of the five towers falls and later the seismic sensations destroy part of the castle. In 1909 the earthquake lived in Portugal destroys the castle a little more and it is from 1930 that the restoration of this historic castle begins.

Porto de Mós Castle is seen as a grand architectural masterpiece with original features and has been classified as a National Monument since 1910.

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