Travel Portugal - Ponsul Fail Viewpoint

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From Serrinha, in Arneiro, to Monfortinho, extending to Spain, the Ponsul Fault is one of the most important active geological structures in the region.

Its escarpment, materialized by a gigantic step in the landscape, extends for more than 120 km. Its origin dates back about 300 million years ago, when all continents came together and collided to form the supercontinent to Pangea.

The step that separates the Surface of Castelo Branco and the Surface of the Alto Alentejo originated only 10 million years ago, during the collision between continents, responsible for the formation of the Alps.

These photos were all taken from my mobile phone.

It was another trip through the interior of Portugal. I like to visit the less touristic areas of Portugal so I can relax and get out of the stressful environment of cities.

Portugal may seem like a small and very calm country, but in the big cities of Porto and Lisbon, life is not like that. We are always running!
The rural areas of Portugal are undoubtedly the best places to rest.

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