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Located in the Environmental Park of Santa Margarida, the Butterfly House opened to the public in 2013.

It is a space created to make the world of butterflies known, contributing to the knowledge of the biology and ecology of these insects, thus serving as a model to understand the importance of conserving the diversity of living beings.

Inside the Butterfly Garden the weather is always hot and humid. In this way it is possible to keep alive, throughout the year, tropical butterflies that flutter among the vegetation.

Scientists, students and school teachers, families with or without children, tourists, all have a special universe, truly exotic, in the Butterfly Garden, where they can observe several species of butterflies, including some of considerable dimensions, all of unspeakable beauty.

Entering the Butterfly Garden is to have the feeling that, suddenly, the tropics came to visit the Environmental Park to bring a world of wonder before our eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this new trip!!!
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Living in a Butterfly Garden in Portugal would be a dream come true.

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