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Travel Portugal - Cabo Carvoeiro, Peniche

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7 months ago

Cabo do Carvoeiro is a place with great landscape and natural value since it has a large amount of limestone cliffs and lapiás fields.

North of Cabo da Roca, in Sintra, this is the westernmost point of mainland Portugal and through it you can observe, among others, the Berlengas Nature Reserve.

This place is also very popular with bird lovers, where they will be able to observe several sea birds in flight, or on the adjacent cliffs.

In Cabo do Carvoeiro you can find a Lighthouse, the chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, with tiles from the XVIII century and also a grotto, Furninha's cave, where numerous archaeological remains were discovered.

These photos were taken by my mobile phone! Hope you like it.

If you like sea and sun you have to visit Peniche! Here you will have lots of beach, sun and lots of fun!

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Amazing beauty!

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7 months ago

Hey, thanks for your support & words! :) Hug from Portugal

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7 months ago