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Praia de Angeiras, also known as Praia Azul, has a pleasant beach all surrounded by a promenade that allows good access and that provides many of the beach support to its visitors.

The sea is characterized by being agitated, which gives it a unique beauty, but also extra care for bathers. It is a beach with north winds.
A little further north next to the bridge there is an archaeological site from Roman times.

Until the beginning of the XX century, there was a seasonal occupation in conjunction with Casas do Mar, where the large farming houses in the region developed maritime activities complementary to agriculture.

Today it is an important center for artisanal fishing, of species such as pout, sea bass or octopus. The sardines and shrimp from the Angeiras coast are considered one of the best in the country.

Initially, rowing and sailing vessels were also used, called "catraias" and "miranços", and later they were replaced by more modern steam vessels.

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