Portuguese Streets - Chiado, Lisbon

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Bairro Chiado is considered along with Bairro Alto, a bohemian neighborhood of the Portuguese capital, where nightlife boils, as it is a region full of bars, restaurants and cafes. At the same time it is also a place of interest with its historic places and beautiful buildings.

Coffee "A Brasileira in Chiado"

A Brasileira coffee, also known as “A Brasileira do Chiado” is one of the most famous coffes in the city. Located in one of the busiest and bohemian neighborhoods of Lisbon, the coffe was founded in 1905 next to Largo do Chiado and soon became one of the meeting points of the citys intellectuals and artists. which in the 1980 gained a life-size statue in front of the cafe.

To this day, Coffe A Brasileira preserves all its charm and elegance, with its classic decoration and its genuinely Brazilian coffee, which has always been famous and appreciated by the Portuguese. The tip is to enjoy a good coffee, sitting by the tables outside and watch life go by in this quiet part of town and of course, take a picture with the statue of the great Portuguese writer! It's on Garrett Street, 120-122.

Bertrand Bookstore in Chiado

The Bertrand Bookstore appeared in 1732 and is still there today, being considered by the Guinness Book to be the “oldest bookstore in the world still in operation”. It's located at Rua Garret, 73-75, on the same street as the famous Coffe "A Brasileira", and has several rooms for visitors and readers to enjoy the place to read and rest. The bookstore has already received numerous important and famous writers, such as Eça de Queirós, Alexandre Herculano, among others.

Luís de Camões Square in Chiado

For those who like history, the Chiado district in Lisbon is a full plate. The former Luís de Camões Square, a beautiful square named after the Portuguese writer and also honors him with a statue in the center of the square. The square divides the neighborhoods of Chiado and Bairro Alto.

And in it is the building where the consulate of Brazil works. As the neighborhood is very old, there are many stories around the place that marked the life of Lisbon, such as the great fire that Chiado suffered years ago. Thanks to the authorities, they were able to rebuild almost all the buildings in the neighborhood, which are listed as architectural heritage and represent 18th century Art Nouveau.

São Roque Museum in Chiado

Another super cool place to visit in the Chiado neighborhood is the São Roque Museum, which was founded in 1905 and is one of the oldest museums in Lisbon, with a collection rich in sacred art and divided into five thematic areas: Ermida of Saint Roque, Company of Jesus, Oriental Art, Chapel of St. John the Baptist and Holy House of Mercy of Lisbon. The tip is to dedicate a couple of hours to get to know the whole museum.

Shopping in Chiado

In addition to the beauty of its buildings, the nostalgic air and the great walks that can be done in the streets of Chiado, the neighborhood also houses several shops of all kinds, which makes it a true paradise for shopping in Lisbon. There are shops such as Zara and the famous Portuguese brand Ana Salazar. In addition to the Armazéns do Chiado shopping center, a space with three floors full of shops for all tastes and which is a must for any tourist visiting Lisbon.

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