Portuguese Palaces - Palácio da Bolsa

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Palácio da Bolsa, also known as the Porto Commercial Association Palace, is located in Portugal, in the city of Porto.
Its construction began on the 6th of October 1842, due to the closure of the Casa da Bolsa do Comércio.

Meanwhile, the Porto traders, who invested heavily in it and devoted themselves to its construction, discussed their business in the open-air Rua dos Ingleses.

The Palácio da Bolsa is a building with a mixture of architectural styles: from the traces of the early halls of the Arab Hall, from the nineteenth century neoclassic, to the severity of Tuscan architecture or the English neopalatian style.

The atrium of the main façade is access to the Courtyard of Nations. This atrium is bordered by a glass cloister, covered by a huge skylight based on an admirable metal structure.

On the floor there is a mosaic with geometric motifs inspired by Greco-Roman models of Pompeii. In the background, there is a bluish granite staircase, access to the noble floor. There, three arched doors open, among which are the busts of the statesmen Hintze Ribeiro, Fontes Pereira de Melo, as well as the former presidents of the Association.

It is on this floor, too, that is the Room of Portraits, with full-body images of the last kings of Portugal of the constitutional period.

Here is a famous table by the carver Zeferino José Pinto. This work of art took three long years to build. Running for various international exhibitions, this table has been classified as a highly qualified copy.

Noteworthy is the Arab Hall or Noble Hall, where the tributes to heads of state visiting the city are held.

It features late nineteenth-century stuccoes with gold captions with Arabic characters that occupy the walls and ceiling of the room.

The hall is shaped like an octagonal parallelogram. Its truncated angles form exits to the other offices and outbuildings, flanking it an artistically finished double arch.

It is in this outstanding hall of the Palácio da Bolsa that distinguished and elegant celebrations have been held in honor of foreign heads of state.

It is here, too, that tribute has been paid to top national and international figures.

Downstairs, on the ground floor, is the Reading Office and the Library.

Currently, it is the headquarters of the Porto Commercial Association, where various and remarkable cultural, social and political events of the city are held.

It is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in Porto, as well as one of the richest in Portugal.

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