Physical Aspects of the American Continent

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North America

High altitudes located in the west:

  • Rocky Mountains (United States and Canada);

  • Sierra Madre (Mexico).

High altitudes located in the east:

  • Appalachian Mountains (United States and Canada).

Great Central Plain (United States):

  • used for agriculture;

  • in the range between 200 and 1,000 m.

Rivers that stand out:

  • Mississippi River in navigation (North to South of the United States);

  • La Grande Rivière River houses several plants (Canada);

  • Columbia River, where the Grand Coulee hydroelectric plant is located (United States).

The United States and Canada have large reserves of coal and iron ore.

The Gulf of Mexico is an area with great potential for oil production.

Central America

Most of the earth's surface is below 1,000 m of altitude.

Nevertheless we have Pico Tamajulco in Guatemala (4,228 m) and Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic (3,175 m)

Mountainous terrain is dispersed to Panama, besides active volcanoes and a Central Plateau in Costa Rica, used for agriculture, as well as the Greater Antilles are also used in agriculture, especially sugar cane.

The rivers of Central America, although less extensive, are large and have hydroelectric use.

South America

Among the highest lands we mention the Andes Mountain Range, but the vast majority of land is below 1,000 m, for example:

  • Brazilian Plateau;

  • Platinum Plateau.

Regarding the use of rivers, we can cite:

  • Paraná River (Itaipu and Yaciretá binational plants);

  • Tocantins River (Tucuruí Plant);

  • Caroni River (Simon Bolivar Plant - Venezuela);

  • Amazon River in navigation (to the North);

  • River Plate in navigation (to the South).

They contain large oil reserves in northern Venezuela, southern Argentina and the Brazilian coast. In Bolivia we have large reserves of natural gas. In Chile we have great copper reserves and in Brazil iron and bauxite.

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