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Hello, my name is Renan, I write here on the blog and also participate in the community JetFuel.Finance, which is a DeFi project that runs on the Binance Smart Chain, with considerable APY yields and they also hold the FUEL project token.

On February 12, at 10:51 PM, chatting in the group's Telegram chat of JetFuel.FinanceI sent a screenshot and one of the users named Mandu (@christarman) expressed a doubt. See the link in the chat:


On February 14, the same guy named Mandu at 16:16 requested that I do a step-by-step on how to execute this liquidity operation, so that's okay. Let's go!





Some time later, I got the good news that there would be a contest for us to compete for team-sponsored FUEL for content creation about guides and tutorials. This is an excellent initiative. Congratulations Flight Commander Miro (@jetfuelmiro)! 👨🏼‍✈️🛫 

More Info abou the contest here: 👇🏽

$1000 Jetfuel Guide and Tutorial Incentive Contest!


Well, that's enough, let's go to the tutorial!

Answering Mandu's question, let's go through step by step how to deposit FUEL-BNB LP in the Vault of the B-29 Superfortress or F-16C Fighting Falcon. For this, first of all you will need BNB and FUEL, as it is explicit and I will do the step by step so you understand before doing the tutorial. Before also making the LP's stake in the Vault, it is necessary to provide liquidity of this pair through the PancakeSwap (to stak B-29 Super Fortress on JetFuel) ou StreetSwap (to stake F-16 Fighting Falcon on JetFuel)

See that for each place that provided liquidity, you can make the stake in a different mode, with variation of APY, but rest assured that below you will see the step by step.



Before we get specifically into the guides and step-by-step I would like to share some information about the statistics of Jetfuel.Finance available on  PancakeSwap. Check it:


General Info

Top Pairs

Staking and Yielding FUEL (STEP-BY-STEP)

So let's go guys, below is a video explaining detail by detail how to add liquidity to the pool (in the case of the video I used StreetSwap). Anyway I have assets in both pools, both PancakeSwap and StreetSwap. See here in topics the step by step before watching the video:

  • 1st STEP: Have in the portfolio a portion of FUEL and BNB (I suggest at least $5 of each) in a 1:1 ratio to add liquidity and a little (approximately $1.50 to pay network fees);



  • 3rd STEP: Open the JetFuel.Fianance, localize the VAULT menu, localize the farm of B-29 Superfortress (Pancake) e F-16C Fighting Falcon (StreetSwap), select the farm in question according to your choice of liquidity pool, for Pancake, your LP will be available on the B-29, for StreetSwap it will be on the F-16C. Then approve the farm, then make the deposit (you will also be charged a small fee in BNB).


Staking and Yielding FUEL (STEP-BY-STEP)

  • 2nd STEP: Open the following link from JetFuel Staking ,connect to your Trust Wallet (make sure it is in BSC and not in ETH), convert your FUEL into ---> JETS.  Then, locate and select on the same page under "Feature" the option JETS in USS Gerald R. Ford;

  • 3rd STEP: After clicking on the USS Gerald R. Ford through the JETS page button, the farm in question will open, at this stage simply select it and deposit the JETS to yield FUEL. It's that simple!


Tracking the Portfolio

 And here's a top tip. If you are used to investing in DeFi, you can monitor the returns of your farms through Yield Watch, just by entering your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) address from your portfolio into the following link:



Check my portofio of farms below:

And you can manage all of your earning with this tool. Cool doesn't it?




I hope you had fun reading and most of all I hope it was useful for learning about the JetFuel.Finance.



Any doubet? Share on comments. I'll be glad help you.





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