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life expectancy around the world

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We can Difference in life expectancy across the world.

If we see that map shows the lattes date published by the Uniteds Nations of life expectancy of the world.

Life may expecncy is a measure of premature deat hand the it shows large differences in the helath across the world life.

The population of the richest countries in the world have muh life expectancies of over the 80 ears. In 2019 ife expactancy in Spain, Switerlized , itlay and the America.

Towice as long – life expectancy around the world

The three shows the global hisory of life expctancy over the last many countries.

Over the next 150 y3=ears some parts of the world achieved substantial health iprovemts must greats. A global divide opend , in the 1950 life expecgancy of the newbrons was already over the 80 years in Europe. Northe the Oceania, Japn and the other parts of the world. people in Noeway hasd a life exppectanxy of 72 years. Whilst in Mali was the 26 years.

Life Expectancy has improved globally.

This visualization shows the dramatic increase in life expectancy over the last of the centuries as a line chart of the UK. the country for which the longest time . We see that the before the

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1 year ago
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