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1 year ago

As I have written on my previous post regarding HOLDING your crypto, this is the moment to HOLD on tight. The moment have just started. There are more flying to the moon.. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

No matter how small or big your coin, don't let it go. Keep holding and holding. The crypto world is now going crazy. A lot of people are starting to notice this digital world and want to have a piece of it. Just like a game, everyone wants to have a taste of winning and enjoying the limelight.

I was thinking several years ago, if I invested my money back then to crypto then today I am a millionaire already. The difference in the price of crypto 5 years back and today is so huge. Your $1k back then can be millions worth now. So if you have the capacity to invest start now and HOLD that coins that you feel worth investing and start earning your keep just from holding it.

Perfect example of passive income is by putting it in binance flexi savings to earn interest on a daily basis. You have the option to auto transfer the coin to flexi savings so that the amount invested in the flexi savings will keep on earning interest and snowball as you keep holding. You can start small then check your daily profits and you may have the greatest shock of your life.

Another option in binance is thru staking in launchpad. Binance regularly launch staking of new coins like ALICE and now TLM. You can stake your BNB or BUSD to earn the ALICE or TLM coins in return. Then after sometime the coins can be traded in the binance platform. This is a perfect example of earning interests plus appreciation of value of the said coins.

There are tons of way to earn more just by holding your crypto. So keep putting more coins and hold them tightly. You never know, this may be the key to your financial freedom. Best of luck everyone! :)

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1 year ago
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