National Woman's Month

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This month we are celebrating the contributions of women's accomplishments that give a part in our history.

I just want to share short knowledge about Rosa Sevilla de Alvero from the Philippines who advocate for women's suffrage.

Rosa Sevilla de Alvero

was born on March 4, 1879, in Tondo, Manila. She was an educator, journalist, and Filipino activist. She is the founder of the Instituto de Mujeres in Manila at the age of just 21. She also contributed to advance the Filipino language, in Balagtasan she was among the first to present Balagtas in public. Lastly, she campaigned for women's suffrage, before only male Filipino aged 21 or above has the right to vote. But because of Rosa's contribution women now are able to vote. The Suffragist Movement results in victory in 1937 to let women vote and to be elected to have a position in political positions.

" You're beautiful"

"You're perfect on your own way"

" You're loved"

"Be strong"

"Be powerful"

"Be YOU"

For a girl, lady, or woman who's reading this. I just want to say, be strong for every discrimination that you experience as a woman. Wear anything you want that makes you comfortable. You're beautiful no matter what is your skin color or what is your body looks like. Keep it up and always be confident.

Thanks for reading have a great day!

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