Hello to you...

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3 years ago

Hi new friends!

Give me one smile

Wish you the best and happiness

Keep it up in this hard time

You're always gonna be a wonderful person.

hello, I'm a new user here.

I am pigun_luv, it's actually a combination of the word pig and unicorn and a word that I really love which is LOVE.

I saw read.cash on youtube and decided to make an account. I found this site really interesting because you can say whatever you want. Since I really love doing journal and I want to improve my writing skills.

Journaling is my habit. I always want to share many memories and different stuff but I don't have anyone to share what I want. I'm an ambivert person, sometimes I love to go outside and sometimes I just want to journal and write all day. I do enjoy studying and solving math problems.

I hope I can have an online friend here because I don't have a lot in real life.

For the person who's reading this, I wish you to be always healthy!

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3 years ago