attitude matters, but why good-looking people always win?

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3 years ago

This is just my opinion that people with good looking has a lot of special privilege, so please don't hate me. I don't hate people who have good-looking.

They always say that personality is more important than looks, I believe in this saying, but sometimes good-looking people have many privileges compare to those people that are not attractive.

I have a cousin that also happens to be my close friend and she's totally heather. She is beautiful, smart, talented, and kind person. So every time that I'm with her I really feel insecure but I still love myself. We have a vacation to our province and we met a guy to a fiesta, and he's kinda fine that's why I have a little crush on him, but the thing is he like my cousin and my cousin also likes him and they become partners, it kinda hurts me but it's just fine because I never told her that I like him so I just let them do everything they want. The funny thing is when we're together the guys that I like always have a crush on her.

I remember that I have a crush on my classmate when I was in my first year of high school and since we're classmates we become friends and we bond sometimes. One day I have the courage to confess to him and guess what he rejects me hahahahahahahhaha his reason is he's focussing on his studies but after one month when my beautiful classmate confess to him after weeks they have a relationship, I kinda fell hurt when I heard the news but I'm still happy for them.

These stories that I say and many things that I experience just prove to me that looks are important sometimes. I imagine sometimes that what is the feeling of being so pretty?

When I'm with my family and close friend I'm always confident that I'm so beautiful but in the real world, I know that I'm not that attractive at all hahahahahahhaha.

They said attitude matters but the real thing is looks always win. Masakit man pero ayun and totoo na minsan yung mga taong pinagpala sa itsura ay mas pansinin at pumapangalawa nalang and ugali. Pero alam ko na sa isang relasyon mas tumitibay ang relasyon di dahil sa itsura kundi sa panloob na kagandahan.

But I realize that there are people that will love you no matter what you look like. For me, looks maybe important, but the attidute really matters. Noon alam ko sa sarili ko na mas pabor din ako sa mga taong maitsura pero ngayong tumatanda na ako narerealize ko na may mga taong di ganun kagandahan o kagwapuhan pero sobrang saya at kompurtable nilang kasama.

Thank you for reading my article. Everyone has their own beauty, even if you think you did not pass the standard here in this world. You are still beautiful no matter what happen, all you need to do is to believe to yourelf and be confident,

Have a nice day!

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3 years ago