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The Perfect Mother

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1 year ago

Mothers are expected to be the perfect earth mother, perfect career woman, perfect homemaker and perfect partner but she doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough!!!

What really matters to children​​​​?

​Availability! In terms of quality and not time!! Children needs to know that they are loved, children needs to feel that they are being listened to which is not the same as agreed with and the importance of belief in your child's value without unrealistic pressures.

​Being a good enough mother is all about being authentic. A simple hug shows you care for them, supporting them through an experience of adversity that validates their feelings instead of dismissing them and accepting their view on an issue that is different to yours.

​Support without being controlling

​The media is forcing us to believe that role of mothers has been greatly changed in the last 10 years but the role hasn't changed much at all in over 50 years. The reality of good enough mothering remains unchanged despite the social expectations of a modern mother.

​Parenting in the 70s and 80s requires the child feeling loved, cared for and listened to and that requirement is still as relevant today as they were back then. A good mother will give a child belief in self to survive the inevitable knocks that the world will present. The belief and presence that allows the child to feel safe to explore the world.

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Mother is the best gift for us

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1 year ago