Passion or Profession

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2 years ago

 Hey buddies 

I hope you are all good and safe at your homes using

Today is great day of real developers of nations. They are the most respected persons in every society. They deserve respect. Some people always say they are just doing for money and it is just their profession. Let me clear your mind.

Passion is something one can't stand doing it.Most of us are passionate about their experiences with family, love, jobs, and everything.

The profession is the sole purpose of earning.  No growth no passion, no care no matter what's the ways or things one is using. One trying to grow economically. 

Usually, those who prefer their profession of passion are lacking behind morally. I will always suggest everyone choose the profession they are passionate about. You can't be best in that profession whom you choose just for earning. Mental satisfaction is obligatory. 

Do not go for things that do not give you mental satisfaction. 

Wondering why I am doing this speech? 

Because it's teachers' day around here!!! I have met many teachers who are more professional and adopting the profession for their earnings only.While some others are too passionate they even teach others without monetary benefits(without fee). I wish, everyone to learn the difference between the two.

Happy Teachers Day to all Teachers over her 

I am here because of the hard work of my teachers.Without them, I won't be this way I am now. 

I love you my teachers 

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