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Keep it a secret

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1 year ago

Sometimes, learning how to keep secret is very much important as it can be of help to us all. 

When you are told secret, ensure not to leak it out to anyone as you will be seen as a betrayer. The one who snipped some words into your ears trusted you so much but when you release such secret, you become someone who cannot trusted. 

A man told his two sons secret which involves life and death. The two sons kept the secret with passion but one of them has a friend who he seems to trust so much. He decided to tell his friend the secret which his dad told him. 

After some months, his dad was ignored in a forum the town organized due to what they have heard about him. He began to wonder why they should ignore all his words and also looked at him like a killer.

He got back home to ask his two sons if they have leaked the secret to anyone but, they initially denied but after much pressure, one of his sons opened up that he told his friend about it as he trusted his friend so much. The father later regretted ever telling them such secret.

He told them based on trust but one of them broke the trust. This is like a traitor in the house. 

Be sure to keep that secret you have been told. Allow the one who told the secret to leak it out by himself instead of been a traitor in the eyes of many. 

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