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Dont cry for what you lost rather smile for what remains

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1 year ago

Good evening everyone, how are you doing and how was your day this evening I would like to talk about don't cry for what you lost rather smile for the remaining.

There is no how one will lost something that it won't pain us it normal to be sad but it should be for the main time not all the time rather forget it and move on with your life whatever is going to happen God understand it all and maybe he just use that to test your patient.

So forget about what happen and rather be happy for the remaining that you have even if someone break your heart and leave you understand that you guys are not meant to be if you are meant to be he or she won't think of breaking your heart.

So don't just use all your life to be thinking about what you've lost rather plan for a new thing and look for better things for yourself because no one can help you, you are the one that will help yourself and think of the way so don't be sad of what you lost rather be happy with

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