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Be kind, everyone is busy fighting their own battles

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1 year ago

If there is one thing I have realized so far, it's that everyone is damaged.Distinct  it may be but every human is stalking by something which can be little for someone but can be life crash for others. People may reject it, but everyone has their devils. 

If you are going to accept people in your life, if you are being friends with people, you have to accept their moon and the sun, you have to deal with both of their sides.

No body is purely black or white, everyone is differently shaded gray, you have both in you. You gotta accept every flaws to enjoy their goods. You can not accept only one thing without the other.

The more you show acceptance towards other, the more you enjoy your own flaws, you cherish your small blunders. You start loving yourself with your own flaws.

Start accepting  things you liked in people, rather than revealing them things you dislike in them. Your life will start making awareness to you.

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