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Always wait for your time

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1 year ago

Everyone Always wait for your time ..

we are created like that, that we wants every thing and we have no patience . Although every thing has its own time Be patient for every thing in life your time will come..Life is filled with so many mysteries and it is a learning experience itself. You have to be patient for anything you wish to achieve. Everything takes time and you don't expect for things to turn out the way you want them to be. Hardwork and perseverance work together so whenever anything is bound to occur,it will at it's appointed time...we must be patient, we must not give up, we must wait for our blessings.Instead of worrying about the things that are taking time, you will think it's not the best time to do it. We need to understand that there is a set time for everything to happen...We must know that the time has come for everything.  Wait for yourself and always rely on God, the Lord of Glory, never give up your dreams, just be patient when your own coming.There is a saying that good thing take ,we all have our time for things to happen in our life we don't need to look on another time and start comparing it with our Everybody has it own unique time for things to happen so wait...we should know that there's time for everything.Wait for your own and while waiting always trust the Almighty God Allah, never give up on your dreams just be patient for your own to come..

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