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A missed step!!!

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1 year ago

Google feeds caught her attention when it stated ladies adore darkness more than adults. How is it possible? Her mind was startled. Ladies have a sluggish heart and one who is scared of the lizard why would like to stay in dark?

The door bang ranged and she helped herself to reach to open the door by fitting her shoes.  

​Whos there?  She mumbled. 

Nimoy opens the door it's me Simoy.

​Oh, you!!!

​A sigh of relief makes its way into the air. 

​Why there is dark only in the house? He inquired hastily while entering the lounge. Are you ok? 

Yes, I am fine. Nimoy replied by taking the laptop bag and grocery tools from his hand. 

​I can't believe the lady who is afraid of lizards is alone sitting in this darkness. 

​He flew the words and Nimoy missed a step. (How can he thinks the same she questioned herself). 

​Be careful love, Simoy holds her with an extended hand. Laptop skipped the grip and faced the floor with a cracking voice. 

​Nimoy just relax!!!! 

​What's wrong with you? All the times when I touch you either it's accidentally or intentionally you just lose your nerves, we are married legally, I have rights over you. 

​Why do you behave like this? He added. 

​She wasn't able to utter a single word, trying to spot the laptop bag in deep darkness.

​He brought himself closer to his lady pulled her in and wrapped around her back. 

​A quivering body got the warmth of love. Without wasting a moment he put his lips on her black shiny hair when she tightened her grip too. 

​People say extremist are killers, I don't believe this. Extremity is in emotions too. Your contact with me somehow blesses me with extremity and I don't behave normally. Nimoy added. 

​I cherish this randomness Nimoy, I am happy my connection with you isn't useless. At least you can feel me. It's because I am true with my sentiments for you. Holding her hand taking her to the kitchen he keeps on praising their relation.  

​Turn the lights on please, I am not blind. Let me see the beauty of my wife it's been hours. 

​He pressed the switch and turned it on. 

A smile passed the faces and both thanked Almighty for the blessings they are relishing on.

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Written by   66
1 year ago
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