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How to Whale #2: Play(ing)-to-Earn(ing)

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3 months ago

Over the course of last months, I have rapidly established some of the largest holdings in Gods Unchained, Cryptovoxels, Cryptoart, Cryptomotors, JOY and MyCryptoGemsX.

This has spurred some attention to my "Whale" status as well as many questions as to how I reached this stage.

"How to Whale" is a series of articles where I will be candid and open about my ongoing financial journey, principles and musings.

TL;DR: There is no shortcut, no magic wand or red pill to sustainable financial success.

I recently took notice of the name of an account on twitter called play2earn.crypto that got me thinking...

If I had time, determination and a computer, what would I do as the every man to make sure that I was making ends meet while also ensuring that I was not missing the Crypto boat?

This hypothetical is not for the extremely talented cryptoartists in the space who can create magic from their computers, tablets and cellphones, but rather, a hypothetical for the remaining 99% of us.

The growth of the NFT space has created some unbelievable opportunities that allow people to literally start "playing to earn".

I have listed a couple of items that I would invest my time and focus in learning at this point in the game, but have also added a "Bonus Round" to explain how these skills might be more valuable than you think in the future.

These are the 3 things that I would do to make that Cryptogrind™:

1_ Become a Cryptovoxel (CV) builder

Demand desperately outweighs supply in this area, and just a little industry insider secret? Professional CV builds go for around and above the 4 digit figure, per parcel.

Building with voxels is an art form unto itself, but if you've ever played Minecraft when you were younger, you know that the learning curve is quick to learn but difficult to master.

Bonus Round:

A_ Cryptovoxel Wearables are already selling on Opensea.

B, Upcoming Sandbox Asset Market to be released this year, also voxel based building.

2_ Play Gods Unchained (GU)

The crux of the most successful game in Blockchain is the P2E (Play to Earn) mechanism where players can earn Core Cards that can be tokenized and eventually sold when the Core Card Market launches in the upcoming months.

The NFT space witnessed the insane valuation increase of Genesis Cards during the official launch of the marketplace where the valuations of the rarest cards topped more than 300% and have not come down since.

I personally co-own the first professional GU esports team where top ranked players earn a nice chunk of change for their continued growth and chart ranking performances. Shout out to Team Mythic.

Bonus Round:

A, Raffle ticket/ Flux earning mechanism incoming that previously allowed players to make hundreds of dollars a month in the last cycle.

B, Gods Unchained World Championship with over US$500,000 in prize money for the top performers.

3_ Write and share more on

No surprise here. All of us are familiar with the core ethos of Read and how this can revolutionize the content generation economy as we see it today.

Having had the pleasure of being on this platform for the last week, as well as experimenting with a variety of content, when you find your niche you'll also find a wealth of support from a community who wants to continue to see more, learn more and give more.

I'm curious to understand more about Readers, where they live, what they do and what they enjoy. Find things that you are passionate about and share them with all of us so we can also show our (monetary) appreciation for your willingness to share and educate!

Bonus Round:

A_ Huge organic user growth = more Tips.

B, Even more user growth with the growth of the total crypto and NFT space

Based on what i've seen in this space till today, the above are probably the largest income generating opportunities that I would pursue.

And once you make that sweet sweet crypto, apply strong discipline in your spending and investments to make that leap to Whale!

Bounty up, Philla Out!

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Written by   1
3 months ago
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Nice! I'm unfamiliar with this space, tried Cryptovoxel, but it's so slow and jerky :) How can people tolerate that for hours to build something is beyond me.

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3 months ago

Nice! I'm unfamiliar with this space, tried Cryptovoxel, but it's so slow and jerky :) How can people tolerate that for hours to build something is beyond me.

There are dapps for all types of users, the same thing happens with games and music, I hope you understand my dilemma, greetings

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3 months ago
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