You are the light of the World!!!

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3 years ago

Gentiles will come to your Light and Kings will approach the brightness of your rising.

Your mountain will be exalted and nations will flow into it.

You star will tangibly appear and mean from far will come to the birth and manifestation of your greatness.

You don't need to call them, know them or look for them. They will come because light cannot be ignored not can it be hidden under a bushel.

You should focus on your light and its intensity of brightness.

Love and Serve the lord with fear, invest into you life and approach your destiny with all rascality, owing no man any apology.

Know who you are and walk in that reality!!!

You are a light and your mind must be flooded by this truth.

It will absolutely become a tangible and undeniable expression.

You are the light of the world. God bless your soul.

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