Why you should become a programmer this year

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Firstly, let's understand what it actually means to be a programmer or what makes anyone to be called a programmer.

-A programmer from a layman's perspective is someone who writes a program.

Then if we decide to go a bit more technical, we would say a programmer is someone who writes or create sets of instructions for a computer to process.

Then, what is a program?

-A program is simply just a set of instructions given to a computer. It processes the instructions and carries it out.

Hope that's not too complicated... This is just like when your mum says hey John, go to the market and get me a bottle of milk. So she just gave you a set of instructions to follow and since you are her child you have to obey them right?

So let's look at the instructions, your mum gave you.

  1. first she called your name John

  2. She said go to the market

  3. Buy a bottle of milk

So looking at these you would see three things occur in order for you to understand the instructions given to you. So now you know all you have to do is go to the market get a bottle of milk and come back home but from what your mum said she didn't ask you to come back home did she? Well, this is because you are human so she expects that once you go to the market and buy the market then definitely you should come back home, but when it comes to a computer well, it actually gonna be different because we have to specify for it to come back home else well, it could just stay in the market because you never specified for it to come back even if we do want it to.

So let's pick one of the most popular language, which is JavaScript. It very easy to understand so this shouldn't be too complicated. Let's say we want to write a programmer that tells our robot to go to the market and buy milk. Let's see how we would write this:

function buyMilk(){

Okay, with the first line of the code we declared the function and gave it a name and there after we have it another function to locate the market and after getting to the market we have it another function on the third line to buy the milk which is the primary function and finally we told the robot to come back home before ending the function.

Now with this short program our robot should be able to go to the market and buy us milk anytime we want. How cool is that. So we can see that we could even us robot to help us do home chores. Like you could program a robot to help clean up your room or clear the lawn and even do more complicated tasks.

Well that's the power of programming, you could do a lot of cool stuff with robot that you find boring or repetitive. Anyone can be a programmer. You don't have to be so very smart or to have an computer science degree... Not at all.

Using myself as an example, I am not a computer science student, I am not even studying computer science in the university but I sure do know my way around when it comes to programming.

The truth I consider learning to program the is the best decision I have ever made and it the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has open my mind to a lot possibilities and even paved opportunities for me that I might have never had if I wasn't on this path. Even I have made a lot I money building websites and app for individuals and companies.

I have helped so many others in my field to achieve certain goals and even tutor a number of students. Truly it's a dream beyond imagination.

One of the major beauty of learning to code is that it helps you think outside the box. It makes you become a problem solver unconsciously without even knowing because as a programmer you are always solving problems, fixing bugs and so on.

Let's say for instance someone comes to you and say I need a website that stores my users and allows me, to automatically send them reply once they register and send them newsletters as well. Well that's a very simple use case but to that individual it's a problem and they need your expertise to solve it. So as a programmer you analyse the issue and think of the best possible ways to make it work and fix that individuals problem and they pay you for it. Truth be told the only reason why people would give you their money and be happy about it is of you are help them out in return and after paying you, they even tell you thank you. How wonderful is that? Well trust me it's the best feeling in the world speaking from multiple experiences.

There are quite a number of programming languages you could learn if you decide to go into the programming world and I would list the most popular below:

  • JavaScript

  • Python

  • C

  • C++

  • C#

  • Java

  • Ruby

  • Swift

Those are some of the major ones that you would likely encountered in the wild. Then there are other syntax languages you could learn, like HTML and CSS these two are very common and you would definitely need to start with them if you choose to be a programmer in anyway.

I would be looking into each of the languages in subsequent write up and how to make us of them but for now you could try researching on them and see what they can be used for. I would also state the types of programmers we have.

So look forward to those on my next article, until then keep coding...


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