The Power Of Reading

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3 years ago

- The 3 vital Truths

This article is not meant to expatiate or elaboratively discuss how important it is to read.

Doing such would be for babes and it would be going back to elementary principles that ought to have been understood before now.

This article is designed to accurately highlight three vital truths about the reading process and they follow thus:

When you read, you:

  1. Travel into the author's mind: This gives you the ability to know, understand and to an extent, discern the thoughts of the writer in relation to what has been written, the message it passes across and its sole purpose.

  2. Travel into the author's practical environment: This gives you the ability to empathically understand the writer's emotions and state of mind; the writer's culture and sometimes his geographical background.

  3. Gain access to the author's practical wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject matter.

There's so much you'll learn as a reader if you learn to consciously read to unlock the 3 vital truths mentioned above.

You should rad to achieve the aforementioned and many more.

Why don't you try it out with this article you just read?

Based on what you've just read, you should:

  • Travel into my mind.

  • Travel into my environment

  • Glean value from my knowledge and experience on the subject matter.

So what do you think I was trying to achieve with this piece, what angle was I coming from and what have you learnt?

Just try it out. I'd love to see your feedback as comments. I would appreciate it if you leave a like below.

Have a Lovely Day!

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I love this post. Especially the part where you said "you travel into the author's mind", usually when I read books I don't rush unlike some that will collect a book of about a thousand pages tonight and they're done with it the next morning. I read a few chapters and then try to create a scene in my mind the exact way the book puts it before going on. That way I can understand and not just read for reading sake

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3 years ago

I think we are both alike, I also do the same thing. Whenever reading anything I always picture the scene in my head which bring life to what I read and it makes me understand even more and grasp what the author was trying to portray. Personally I prefer not to read a book at all than to read it in a hurry. What I gain from books or write ups is how it affects me and adds value to my life and if I was reading that book in a hurry i would not be able to attain what I am supposed to...

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3 years ago

You are absolutely right, but allow me to add one dimension. You also sometimes travel to another time in your mind. If you read, for instance, Plato, you are in direct communication with a mind who has been dead for more than 2000 years, but his words talk direct to you. It's a one-way communication, but communication it is. By reading you can explore (travel in your mind) in both time and space. You get right into the minds of all sorts of people and can learn something from them; you are no longer limited to people in your geographical vicinity, your original culture, or even your own time.

Then it is very important what you say about that you travel into the author's mind. This is really a more profound learning-experience than what you see in real life. There you are just observing other people. You can see what they do and hear what they say, but you don't really have a clue of what's going on in their mind. You never get inside. But by reading good literature, you do.

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3 years ago

Well outlined sir, I truly appreciate the contribution. Reading is a habit we all need to cultivate so as to improve our dimension of thinking.

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3 years ago

Yah! If you read you get more inspection, reading changes life. You derived more knowledge.

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3 years ago