The fact we keep overlooking about bitcoin cash and the crypto world.

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This is my own personal opinion do don't judge based on it. I am just gonna speak from my own perspective.

First and foremost I am a developer. I build websites and apps using various technology.

Firstly I would say Bitcoin cash is not beginner friendly when it comes to trying to work with it. There is practically no signal YouTube video or tutorial that explains how to work with or integrate Bitcoin cash into a website or an app or how to use it in your project and frankly as a beginner when you want to learn something new the first place you visit is most likely YouTube. I have scraped through the entire YouTube trying to find such videos but no useful one that's beginner friendly.

I don't know if developers are just making the skill unavailable so other developers won't be aware of how it works so their service would be more required because I also messaged a know development body I found on YouTube but for about a month now no reply and I believe it was delebrate. If I was contacting them to tell them I had a job for them I believe they would have replied but since I was asking for guidance they ignored me.

Bitcoin cash and Tron have been around for fairly same period of time but if you are asked bitcoin cash and Tron which has gained more recognition or adoption I guess you know what the answer would be right? It obviously tron.

1 trx is nothing compared to the price of 1bch yet people still prefare to go with Tron and invest in Tron. Why? It's very simple.... It generally more accepted and recognised.

There are a lot of individuals who accept Tron as payment even local shops, but I have never seen anyone who said you can pay me in bitcoin cash even though the transaction fee of bch is also very low even almost negligible. Looking at Tron and bch there is simple no much difference in how they operate speaking from the business minded individual or organization who wants to venture into making use of crypto has their means of payment but when they come the the aspect of adoption, well it a while different story.

There is almost no one who works with crypto that doesn't have a holding of Tron or that doesn't make use of tron. So it's definite that they would go with Tron because it more profitable to their business since everyone uses it. These little things are what matters most.

Tron has very nice documentation even if I have issues working with it on my Windows pc, I don't know if I can't compile in Windows but at least I was able to get my feet wet a bit working with tron and this is because of the tutorial I found on YouTube, same thing goes for ethereum everything went smoothly while I was working with ethereum. From start to finish and there is even a these guys that has a whole website dedicated to teaching it. That's someone i would gladly pay to teach me.

Ok let's take a look at another illustration. There was a day I want to pay someone for a service he offer so I asked how I could pay him and he said he accepts Tron or usdt. So I said okay I would pay him in bch please and he said no that .. what would he do with the coin. That's I should get Tron or usdt instead so after much fruitless talks I decided to withdraw some of my bch holding from read cash. To my wallet. The I tried looking for way to exchange it. I came across atomic wallet which always recommended to me by a friend so I tried it and it was converted to Tron then I was able to pay the person but that alone took me about 8 hours. Imagine that 8 hours for a simple transaction that could have been done within minutes or even seconds if the person had accepted bch... All I would have had to do was just send him the coins directly from read cash but no had to go through that long process which costed me to pay for three transactions instead of 1 and it even took longer. So now tell me why you would prefer to go with something like Tron for your business. I know I would.

Hope you get my point. I am not saying bch has lost in any way I am just saying there is still so much more we can do take make it better. Those little things matter a lot. Firstly the aspect of developer. If there was a way of teach new developers or exciting ones how to make use of bitcoin cash in their projects that would for sure bring about more adoption trust me.

It would spring up new projects, ideas, interest and many more. I know @MarcDeMesel has really done a lot by donating to the but there is still much more than can be done. If it was possible to come up with a team of developers or even just a good developer that could create YouTube videos to help show and guide developers around the world how to integrate bitcoin cash to their projects then I believe bitcoin cash would blossom quicker and exceed it's expectations.

I believe Bitcoin can still has a lot to offer if only we can show others what it's capable of. We just have to make them see reasons to use the coin. Imagine going for a job interview and get info that you need bitcoin cash development skill to gain more chances of getting the job. Trust me developers would rush at the opportunity but when they do they would have a hard time learning it because there are no resources readily available to guide them.

The truth be told is that developers are the major factors that affect if a crypto gets much adoption or not.

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I doubt if it comes to investing it's about the value of a altcoin only. From is a huge organization and bought the platform Steemit as well. The fact this big organization has millions is the trust part.

If it comes to cryptocurrencies they all are equal difficult and there are hardly manuals for newbies. Those few who write about it do it with words, use expressions, only one who knows understand. To figure it out is a long process and it is for sure not positive.

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