Secret Society of Second Born Royals - continues

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-28th of Sept, 2020

Good day, it's 7:14pm here in Nigeria. I kind didn't finish my last right up on the secret Society of second born royals mad it has been bugging since yesterday and all through today, but I have been really choked up with a lot of activities so I couldn't attend the it buy I have some spare time on my hand now so I decided to just complete it now. That said let's dive in:

Secret society of second born royals - continues

So on getting to summer school Sam entered her class and someone was already in the class, another girl. The girl was clearly a talkative. She seemed like she wanted to socialize so much she didn't even care if the other person was not interested, she kept talking to Sam who clearly didn't want to reply but she had to so as not to seem rude or something turns out the talkative girl was also a princess.

While they were talking a black boy walked in, and just behind him was miss social. The guy seemed like someone who only cared about himself and no one else while miss social as usual always wanted to be in the spot light but turns out they were now 5 teens in the classroom, yea I said 5. There was also another boy in the class with them but somehow they didn't notice him till he spoke up. I didn't even see him enter... He was actually anti social. While the teens where chatting and countering each other their teacher walked in.

He walked from the back of the class room all the way to the front all the while talking back the students attention to himself. He seemed like a cool guy.

So asked them all to pay attention and asked them while they thought they were here, the anti social guys said it was cause he needed to work on his socialism, he teacher said he was wrong, he asked the black guy he said what he thought he did that made his parents bring him here but he was also told he was wrong so Sam was asked and she said she knows what ever she says would be wrong so she need to say anything and the teacher said that was correct because non of them could ever guess why the were actually there at that exact moment. He told them they believe they did something wrong but that's not the case, because the Truth is it was all a trick to bring them all today for a special purpose, he said they were all gonna have fun.

Now they were also confused and expectant of what the teacher had to say to them as to why they are actually in summer what is said to be summer school but the teacher told them it wasn't summer school at all but it was actually the secret society of second born royals. Now they were feeling like he was toying with them but to prove his point he want on to tell them that each of them had a unique gene that allowed them also second born of royal blood to have special unique powers. Of course they still didn't believe him but then he started a demonstration, he made a clone of himself, that they were now 2 of him, now they thought he was a hologram but then again he split himself into 4 copies... It now dawned on them that he was not tricking them, he was actually real... He told them he was also a second born prince that's why he possess such powers. They were all swept off their feet as they didn't expect such. So he told them this was a too secret organization and they were never to tell anybody about it else they risk harming them or getting harmed themselves. He was all there phones and told them they can't use it while they were here.

As the teacher was addressing them, a lady walked in and straight to the front of the class and Sam was shocked to see it was her mother the queen. She has never seen her mother like that and she didn't even expect her to see her mom at all in their class. She also addressed the class and told them that all the teacher told them was actually true and that they really had abilities and she is also one of them. She told them they would be trained and meant to undergo a test, if they passed the test then they become members of the secret society but if not theirs memories would be wiped and their powers taken away and they would never know if anything that happen her. That kind of gave them chills but they seemed like they were ready to take the chance. They all felt like they weren't leaving up to their full potential for being constantly compared to their elder sibling.

So after the briefing, Sam confronted her mum as to why she hid all the from her but her mum made her understand that it was to be kept secret from everyone even her sister she understood and letter calmed down, her mum asked her to do her best to Ace the test and make her proud because same never felt being a well behaved princess was her dream but this felt suiting.

They were shared into two rooms, the two guys got a room while the ladies got a room. The ladies were complaining why they had to share a room when there is so much rooms in the building. They concluded maybe it was because they wanted them to bond so they went with it.

Next morning they were given a simulation obstacle course, they were told all they had to do was make it to the end and take the object. While the others were busy being amazed at the simulation, Mr black and loner guy rushed in to try and complete the obstacle course and take all the glory but he didn't even get a step far before he was temporarily paralyzed by the laser. The others were now hesitant but were told to get on with it, so they rushed in as well to try and complete it as well, they did their best but they all failed, along the line miss social was able to discover that she could become invisible, that was her super power.

They were all frustrated because they couldn't complete the obstacle course. While they sat talking, they discovered Mr black guy had the power to make you do what ever he tells you, the talkative girl could take others powers and make it her own, then the anti social guy was the bug man, he could control bugs. Invisible girl wasn't too happy with her power same for bug man as well, the name did sound weird though.

So the teacher gave them a pep talk and told them all they would be trained individual now that they have mastered their powers they would know what area to improve on. So they all retired for the day.

Next day and it was training time, Sam was given a number of televisions sounds to listen to, she was asked to find to find the answer to a question by filtering through all the sounds and getting the particular one, she tried but was frustrated, the teacher told her to continue going till she gets it right.

Bug man was given a number of bugs to control by making them pick up objects and move them around. He failed a number of times also dropping the object but he was told to keep going till he mastered it.

Now for invisible girl she needed to learn. how to change at while and not mistakes, so she was put through numerous weather conditions and states to see how she can manage in different climate but she didn't do well at all not one bit even.

Then for mr black guy, he was asked to make a dog obey his commands, by using his powers to compel the dog. It didn't seem like a challenge at all but he went through with it all the same.

For talkative girl, she was meant to spare with another second born royal who had the ability to breath under water, they were to increase the duration at which she can make someone's power her own. So she got into the water touched the girl, took her powers and her test began

Initially they all flopped and couldn't excel but after much practice the started showing results, Sam was able to control her sensing there by allowing her to turn off and in what she wanted to hear. Bug man was now controlling his bugs better, invisible girl still couldn't switch her state invisible or visible so when the teacher noticed this he said physical method couldn't work in her knowing she was addicted to her fans he took her fone and told her he was gonna take. A picture if her and post it for her fans to see knowing she wasn't looking good one bit, she begged him not to do it but he went on anyway she couldn't let herself get seen by her fans in such a state so she quickly turned herself invisible unconsciously. Turns out the teacher was just bluffing but it worked, that was how she learned to control her power, black guy could talk to the dog well and have it do what he wanted, talkative girl could hold her collected powers for a longer duration now.

One night, Sam called her best friend Mike with a backup fone she came with, they planned on going out that night for their usual gig in the street, while Sam was getting ready to sneak out the alarm in the building went off, the teacher asked them all to suit up and get in the van that it was an emergency, Sam had to bail on mick.

The teacher told them it was a robbery at the treasury, that someone is trying to steal the royal Jewel's and it was their duty to protect it at all cost. He dropped them off and when around to check things out. They got into the treasury and saw a box, they assume it was where the jewels were store in so they stood there to protect it. Sam caught sight of someone in the building and went after them, she asked the others to stay back and protect the jewels but they soon came to join her they believed if they took at that one person then there would be no threat against the jewels, and truly they did take the person down but when they got back to the room where the treasure was store it was gone. Their teacher came in and told them they failed, they are surprised then he told them this was just a test and there was actually no jewel here, he however told them he was disappointed as to how they could fail so much after Al they were taught about working together to protect what matter instead they wanted to show of. He told them if this was a real situation that's how they would have lost the jewels. He asked them to go take a day off to reminisce on what they did then he would let them know their fate after then. They were all scared thinking their minds would be wiped cleaned and they wouldn't know what happened that day so they decided to take the day of as a get together where they would have their final time together just in case they actually wiped their memories. S they all went to the beach the next day and enjoyed themselves. They did all the activities they could to engage themselves and maximize the fun they had together.whilr at the beach Sam told them her sister's coronation was around the corner and she invited them to come, they accepted to come.

Let that night Sam and talkative girl got talking about how they failed and disappointed their parents but same told her to cheer up and they decided to sneak into Sam castle to have a little fun before the next day so Sam went with talkative girl and showed her how she herself sneaks in and out if the castle, she even used the secret master password her mum entrusted to her in the belief that talkative girl was a true friend and she didn't need to hide anything from her. They got into the castle successfully and they had a good time, while they were about leaving Mick walked in and saw them playing instruments together, he thought sam had replaced him with someone else so he stopped off before Sam could explain. While Sam and talkative girl got back to their summer house, they were attacked by a man...

to be continued...

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