MR NIGER D! Do you remember this?

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Looking at the title of this article (MR NIGER D), some might not be able to understand what that acronym really represents. Take a few seconds and try looking at it again, to see if you can get the pieces together. Think back to your days in secondary school (high school) for those who offered Agricultural Science or Biology. You should have gotten a hint by now if you did.

Then again not everyone is really interested in these subjects right. I remember back then in school I didn't really like either of the subjects. Though I knew they were very useful in life but somehow the teachers who taught me these subjects were not friendly at all, they made me dislike these subjects. The thing is I don't even fail the subjects but I am always slightly above or below average.

On a particular day, my Biology teacher back then in secondary school was complaining that we failed much in her last weekly test, so she flogged all of us 5 strokes of the cane each and called us blockhead, I was very angry that day not because we were flogged but because she called us blockhead signify we didn't know anything. I knew I was a guru in math and physic but what was this teacher feeling like, does she think I can't pass her subject if I wanted to, personally I am the kind of person that loved challenges so I said to myself, I would make 100 in this subject and show the teacher she wasn't that smart. So whenever I studied my math and physics, I also studied biology twice as much.

So our first term test came in and for the first time in my life, I was eager to write Biology test. That morning the teacher came in did a peep talk about how she would flog us again if we failed her test, that this was the real deal. I didn't even pay attention to her because I was busy thinking of the look on her face when she finds out I scored an A in here subject.

She passed the paper and called for us to begin. I began writing and to my greatest surprise, it was as if I saw the test questions before the test, within minutes I was done but I couldn't submit instantly because in my school back then there was a policy that you must no submit sooner than 10minutes before the end of the test. So I had to wait while waiting I noticed a few of my friends that were struggling and scratching their heads trying to get answers but none of them bordered to ask me, I guess it was because they were used to me not being active in Biology as I was in calculation courses.

I did feel a bit sad that I couldn't help my friends out at that moment but there was nothing I could do. So it was almost time and the student who was termed the most intelligent girl in our class as at then was the first to submit, followed by her friends, so I waited for about 5minutes more before I went ahead to submit.

When the paper was finally over my friends were like complaining that they didn't study the subject much, and therefore it was so difficult but I couldn't comment on their conversation because my experience was quite different. The result of the test was expected to be ready by the next day. So we were all waiting, some were anxious somewhere scared.

Through that day I felt somehow, I couldn't tell what made me feel that way, others thought I was stunned by the test but I knew that wasn't it. That day went by, and on the next day I came very late to school because my dad's car refused to start after many hours of my dad trying to fix it all to no avail, he then asked me to take a cab instead. He called my school principal and explained to her, so my siblings and I weren't flogged or punished. On getting to my class, I noticed all eyes where on me like I was in trouble or something, I was a bit perplexed. As I walked towards my seat my eyes were drawn to the board when I saw my name was boldly written on it...

To be continued...

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