How well can you FORGIVE?

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- 24th Sept, 2020

Woke up today feeling all ungrateful thinking of many ways everyone around me was messing up and making things go wrong...

Questioning myself and a lot of things... Even my parents, siblings and God. I felt everyone was to blame for where I am now. I went through my daily activities with little or no interest at all.

Even eating was not pleasing to me... I just breezed through the meal and went off to my room and back to my phone.

At about 2:44pm, the fuel finished and the Generator was turned off, I didn't really like that... My fone was just about 40%. I didn't have much to do online at the time so I decided to see if I still had any movies to watch..

-by the way I am an anime fan, I just finished Boruto and Darwin's game so i'm out of animes to watch, if you know any interesting ones please let me know in the comments below.

So still on my day, I scroll through my phone and phone some American movies my younger sister sent to my phone some day back, I thought for a while and decided to watch one them at least while scrolling down the list of movies I caught sight of a movie called "Blue Story". For some reason I just felt like watching it so I left my room, took my mp3 player and went over to my parents room...

It was always so quiet and comfortable in their room so I like staying there sometimes, that's when they are not around though. So I made myself comfortable turned on my mp3 connect to my phone's Bluetooth and tapped on the movie... Don't mind me I just like the feel of sounds when I am watching a movie, it's sort of become an habit of mine.

Blue Story came up... so it started with people taking in the background of the while the screen was still dark.. gradually some scenes started fading in with news and streets being attacked by street boys at first I wasn't really sure what to make of it... I thought it was a roit or something but then a rapper came up and started singing in the background all through the action scenes and from the words he said I was able to desern that what was going on was gang wars.

So the movie began proper with a black boy named Timmy whom I instantly suspected to be the main character, the young boy was going to a new school. Timmy complained about not being able to see his best friend name king again if he went to this new school... But his mom was actually glad.. she spoke of king as a very bad influence on Timmy, she complained about him always getting into trouble and dragging Timmy alone with him. Timmy had no choice but to quit complaining.

Time passed by and Timmy strated making friends, he three very close friends who always hanged out with, especially one who is was fond... Seems like they where brothers, they always stood up for each other.

Timmy liked a girl and wanted to ask her out his friends always teased him about her, a party came up and it was the perfect opportunity to get to know her so he made his move and she was cool with it, seems she liked him as well.

Timmy saw her later that day at the mall where him and his friends went to get supplies for the house party. He saw her and decided to approach her just to say hi, little did he know that some thugs who where also in the area had eyes on the girl. As he was about talking to her they got to him and told him to scram but he refused he asked her if she wanted him to leave and she said no... So he stood his ground. They got angry and where about harassing him when his friend whom he was so fund of stepped in when one the thugs saw him he calmed down while the other was still ranting... The other guy who seemed to be of a higher rank as the other guy to calm down as well that the guy who showed up was a brother to one of their leaders on hearing this he had to calm down and he apologized to him and they went away.

Night came and it was party time, the four friends went to the party and mehn were they happy, on getting there everything fell into place they where all having a good time even the thick guy amongst them also got someone to hang out with but Timmy wasn't really in on the fun... He just stood there starring at the girl he likes while she was dancing with someone else he didn't want to intrude... He was later pursuaded by his thick friend to walk up to her and dance with her while he made his move a friend came to her and started dancing with her he was just off balance and walked away... While he was sitting she came to him and they talked for a while and she asked him to dance with her... They got to the stage and started dancing to a slow blues.

After dancing for few minutes, a fight broke out and Timmy when off to help his friend he actually started the fight, things happened and they all went home.

Next day Timmy and the girl where now close, he invited her over to his house by weekend to watch The Game of Throne, from the wah they spoke about the movie, I'm sure they were big fans just like I am.

-25th Sept, 2020

The weekend came and they were together in Timmy's house, his mum was away so they had the whole house to themselves.

They watched the movie together and afterwards decided to play a song just to while away the time, Timmy brought his mp3 and she connected to it... She played one of her favorite songs... She sang along with the music as it played on hearing her voice Timmy was amazed, she really did have a beautiful voice. He commended her and told her she was really talented and could easily become a rock star with such a voice and with her beauty. She felt really happy hearing such romantic words from him and she huge him. They got in the moment, head over to Timmy's room made out, it was her first time so they took things slow and after them they became really close and did everything together.

Meanwhile Timmy's friend was attached by king who was Timmy's best friend back then in school, they broke his arm and left him on the street in pain. He called Timmy but Timmy couldn't pickup because he was busy with his new found love.

Next day at school, Timmy saw his friends gather together talking, he went over and was surprised as he saw his friend's arm was broken. He asked what happened and his friend told him it was king he picked in Timmy and accused him of conniving with king to do this to him. Timmy defended himself and his girlfriend who he was with also spoke for him, but with the anger in Timmy's friend he didn't care about what Timmy had to say he insulted Timmy's girlfriend and called her a whore, she pushed him and he slapped her. Timmy got angry gave his friend a punch on the chin, his friend was now furious for the disgrace Timmy gave him and promised to get back at him. Timmy stormed off with his girlfriend.

After that event, they never spoke again. Timmy tried talking to him but all to no avail. Even his previous friends didn't speak with him. They where all now on Timmy's friend side because he was the bigger boss around. The only person who was still very much interested in Timmy was his girlfriend who's love kept growing as time when on.

On the day of their 3 months anniversary at school, Timmy bought his girlfriend a gift and handed it over to her in school they planned meet later at night after school to celebrate on.

It's was now dusk and Timmy was sitting on a pavement waiting for his girlfriend was a car rolled up in front of him and a number of thugs attacked him, he couldn't make away in time, he tried fighting them off but they were just too much. While his was receiving massive blows and kicked from the gang of thugs, his girlfriend arrived and saw as he was being beaten, she rushed in and tried to rescue him but she wasn't even making any impact, one of the thugs landed a slap on her and she fell to the ground and didn't move again, on seeing this Timmy got all fireup and fought with more aggressiveness but when they saw he was gonna make away his friend who was among the gang putting on a mask took up a brick from the side and hit Timmy on the head with it. Timmy fell to the ground beside his girlfriend and was in the pool if his own blood. The gang ran away.

3 years later

Timmy survived after the incident, Timmy did survive but the love of his life didn't. She died on the seen and Timmy's friend was jailed for his actions.

Timmy vowed to get revenge for his girlfriend and went ahead to join King's gang. Timmy was a very smart and bright student so on joining the gang he was able to make them wiser and do things smarter, they all loved him for it. All the while Timmy kept training and preparing for his friend to be released from prison so he could exert his revenge on him.

Timmy's friend was finally released and he knew Timmy would come after him so he kept hiding. One day Timmy got an info that his friend was in the area, he gather some member of his gang in a van and they drove to the scene to camouflage. They waited in the van an scoped out the area, Timmy was now really close to the gang leader because of his major impact on the gang so they were together, Timmy sighed his friend from the van and rushed at him, swiped him to the ground and started beating him up, his friend brother who was called switch and was the leader for the other gang came up behind Timmy's gang leader and tried to shoot him, Timmy rushed at him and stabbed him in the back... He feel to the ground unconscious and in pain. Timmy's friend was able to escape as a result of his brothers intervention as the sirens of the police was heard Timmy and his gang as ran away and he couldn't pursue his friend.

Switch was rushed to the hospital, and was treated but he was diagnosed to never be able to walk again, he would be on a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Timmy's friend was not happy about this his brother made him believe it was all his fault for not acting. He even chased him out of the room where he was layed, with the agony and emotional trauma in Timmy's friend, he went outside the hospital and placed a call to Timmy, he threatened to come at Timmy with everything he has got but Timmy never uttered a word, he just hanged up.

That was how it all started, gang wars broke out between the two friends claiming lived of both civilians and the gang member's. This war went on for quite some time but no party was archieving their goals to kill each other.

One day, switches cousin came to town and was very furious on hearing switch was now in wheel chair and would be so for the rest of his life, so he vowed to take down Timmy because he felt this happens because of himself. He promised to take care of everything but switch didn't seem too interested in revenge anymore.

Meanwhile Timmy got in a heated argument with his gang leader because Timmy seemed to have caught the attention of the whole gang and they all stood by him. King was now haboring hatred for Timmy seeing that he was the one who brought Timmy in but Timmy had now surpassed him.

Later that night King's gang leader came over to Timmy's to tender apology because he did like Timmy but was just a bit off balance as at then because the gang was his life's work. Timmy overlooked the incident and they both went out to meet king for some event which king had arranged.

They got to King's and he pleaded with Timmy to seat at the back of the van for a change, Timmy didn't want to but he just accepted after much pursuading from king. The van was like a police van for holding criminal while taking them to prison, so you should know how very secured it was from escape.

King drove the van and came to halt by a very quiet area... It was dusk so no one was around. King said he wanted to take a pee and asked the gang leader to go into the bush and pick up the package they came for, Timmy requested to come out to stretch his legs but king refused and claimed they would be out of here soon that he just wanted to pee.

While Timmy's gang leader went into the bush he discovered there was no package and it was just a scandal, he rushed back to the van but before he could get there he was stopped by king and switch's cousin who had conived to take down Timmy, they asked the gang leader to walk away that they only came for Timmy but he really liked Timmy and refused, he was disappointed at king for snitching on his own gang member. While switches cousin was distracted from a phone call the gang leader hit him in the head with a bat and he was unconscious, king tried shooting him but there was no bullet in the gun... The gang leader had already taken out all the bullets in it before they left. Knowing this king rush at switches cousin gun which was now laying in the floor but he couldn't reach it in time, the gang leader got to it first and shot him.

Meanwhile Timmy was still locked up at the back of the van, he heard his friend's voice while he said he would end Timmy's life right in the van, Timmy asked him to open the door so they could fight man to man but his friend refused he turned petrol all over the van. Timmy perceived this and was now unsettled, he tried breaking out but all to no avail, the van was really sealed off.

His friend turned on the lighter in his hand after pouring enough fuel on the van. He had a flash back of how he and Timmy became friends so he was a bit hesitant but when he remembered his brothers trauma and current condition, he had no choice he threw the lighter at the van and it instantly caught fire. Timmy was now very afraid, he tried all he could but it was futile, his Friend ran away after lighting up the van.

Timmy's gang leader rushed to the scene to get Timmy out, the van was so hot so he couldn't touch it to open the back door, he keep yelling for Timmy to hang in there, Timmy was now out of breath he cried saying he didn't want to die yet, as he cried he started turning white and he became unconscious and just laid there still in the van. The gang leader kept on struggling to open the van and get Timmy out, after a while he succeeded but he was just too late... He dragged Timmy out of the van and tried to revive him but it was just too late. He heard the sounds of sirens coming in but he just sat there with Timmy without making any move to escape the scene. The cops came and took him away but they were unable to revive Timmy. He was dead.

Thy took the gang leader to prison and he he confessed all his crime and also pointed out those who was involved with Timmy's death, the police caught up with them and put them all behind bars. Switch was so unbearable with his condition that he overdosed himself and took his life.

The gang leader came out of prison later on after serving a few years, he was now changed and later got a job as a teacher. So he was the only one who made it out a life and lived to tell the story of the Ghetto life.

Tears rolled down my check as a concluded the movie... Remembering how Timmy's girlfriend died by the hands of those thugs, remembering how Timmy also died, even king as well some characters also dead that I didn't make mention of even innocent civilians.

I just put down my phone, shut my eyes and thought this is what really happens in the world around us... I hear stories like this but after watching this movie it was like I was with them in that Ghetto all the pains they felt, I thought how could this have been averted. A word came to mind simple forgiveness.

If forgiveness was applied at all stages no one would have had to suffer the date of death. If only Timmy Friend had let go and not decide to attack Timmy for a crime he didn't commit his arm would definitely had healed back and his brother wouldn't have ended up in a wheel chair or even died and he wouldn't have mistakenly killed Timmy's girlfriend.

Also if only Timmy had forgiven his friend and not decide to join King's gang, he would have still been alive maybe even find someone else to love again.

If switch had let go and not push Timmy's friend to go after Timmy, he might have still survived and Timmy might still be alive.

If switches cousin had forgiven Timmy and not decide to go after him maybe he would have ended up better and Timmy would still be alive.

Now I know I have a lot to be grateful for, I am grateful for where I am now, for not being in the ghetto. Though I was there all through my childhood back then where our compound was used as a war zone... Guns and ammunition everywhere. Once dey start I and my sisters would lye under the bed, sometimes for hours till the while shooting is over. I would save that story for another time.

Thank God those times are over. Be grateful for where you are now for there is a lot going on in the world around you. As you are in your comfort zone yet complaining there are a lot of people dieing but the second for one person actions or inactions. For one mistake or the other. For one little act of unforgiveness. That little act of unforgiveness can lead to so much as you saw for this movie above... Please learn to forgive

How well can you FORGIVE?

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