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Happiness is a key player in our lives as humans. Imagine a world without comedy, circus, Tv shows and all forms of humor.

Humor is a state of mind that tends to great laughter. The word humor and laughter tends to always go together. Laughter is not only brought about by when a comedian gets on stage and start telling a joke. Most times laughter comes as a result of social interaction with others.

Doctors always tell us to smile more and be more positive because it tends to reduce pain, thinking, stress, depression and many other mental states that could potentially harm any human. But let me tell you something, humans are not the only creatures that actually laugh. Animals like Dog and Cat do also laugh, as you can see from this post image, a horse can also laugh. If a dog, cat or horse can laugh I don't see any reason why you shouldn't.

The best way to overcome any emotional state is with a bit of humor and laughter. It can help clear your head and make you see things better.

I employ you to go out each day and put a smile on someone's face knowing that you are potentially saving lives.

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Happiness are a good trait to have for us human because it keeps us being positive

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4 years ago

People should find happiness in the little things like Family ❤️. Happiness depends upon ourselve...

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4 years ago