Don't Just Throw Away Your Old Router yet!

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Old router jumbling up your drawers? Here's the manner by which to repurpose your old router and set aside some cash as opposed to discarding it!

Figure it's the ideal opportunity for another router? Perhaps your new Internet Service Provider (ISP) has sent one out, or you basically extravagant an overhaul. In any case, you're confronted with an issue:

How would it be a good idea for you to manage the old router?

On account of exchanging your ISP, you'll regularly be approached to restore the more seasoned gadget. Be that as it may, in the event that you have an old router kicking around the spot, here are a few different ways you can reuse it.

How You Can Manage an Old Router

It very well may be in a container; it very well may be jumbling up a cabinet or lost at the rear of a closet. Whatever the case, your old router or modem/router combi unit can be reused.

We've recognized 12 different ways you can reuse an old Wi-Fi router:

1. Visitor Wi-Fi association

2. Wireless repeater

3. Modest web radio

4. Utilize the old router as an organization switch

5. Adjust it as a wireless extension

6. Convert your router into a NAS

7. Utilize an old router as a web worker

8. A DIY VPN router

9. Sell the router on eBay

10. Set up a different organization for IoT gadgets

11. Become familiar with home organization

12. Give it to a congregation or school

How about we investigate every one of these utilizations for old routers in more detail.

1. Fabricate a Wireless Repeater

Imagine a scenario where your Wi-Fi network doesn't reach out across the full scope of your home. In spite of the fact that you may settle on powerline Ethernet connectors, adding a second router in with the general mish-mash is a decent other option.

This implies interfacing the old router to your new wireless organization, utilizing the Wi-Fi signal. It would then be able to share admittance to the Wi-Fi organization, giving more noteworthy inclusion. Despite the fact that there might be some inertness issues, this is a snappy and simple approach to expand your wireless organization.

It has different utilizations, from boosting your Wi-Fi signal around your home to allowing you to transfer video to your tablet while chilling in the nursery.

2. Visitor Wi-Fi Connection

On the off chance that you have individuals consistently dropping in and utilizing your wireless web, why not give them their own organization?

This resembles the wireless repeater project, however with a contort. The router associates with your current, secret key ensured network, yet gives secret key free admittance to new gadgets. This will utilize the visitor network highlight of your old router. As a matter of course, this forestalls visitors getting to different gadgets on your organization.

On the off chance that this degree of security isn't sufficient, check the firewall settings on the fundamental router to change.

3. Modest Internet Radio Streamer

Need to make the most of your number one radio broadcasts on the web? A few routers can be designed to play web radio, in case you're set up to introduce OpenWrt or DD-WRT custom router firmware.

You'll require some other programming, just as a USB soundcard to yield sound.

While not a simple form, and a lot of other web radio choices are accessible, this is as yet an extraordinary task. It gives you an understanding into introducing custom firmware, just as an enthusiasm for how to stream music.

4. Utilize the Router as a Cheap Network Switch

Most routers don't have in excess of six Ethernet ports. With the expansion in wireless innovation around the home, this figure may even be pretty much as low as four. Yet, with an unmistakable requirement for gadgets to be associated over Ethernet, you may run out of ports.

For instance, internet gaming with a comfort or PC is more solid utilizing Ethernet. Your TV decoder will give preferred gushing over Ethernet over wireless.

On the off chance that you run out of Ethernet ports, you can add more with an organization switch. It's fundamentally the systems administration adaptation of a mains power bar, with extra ports connected to one port on the router.

Your old router regularly has at least four ports, so associating will immediately build the quantity of ports accessible. You should incapacitate wireless systems administration on the old router, to maintain a strategic distance from clashes.

5. Transform Your Old Router Into a Wireless Bridge

Consider the possibility that your new router is wireless as it were. Maybe the ISP doesn't offer a router with Ethernet ports, or possibly you utilize a 4G or 5G internet service. In any case, in the event that you need to associate Ethernet gadgets to your home organization, a wireless extension is the appropriate response.

While cheap, an old router can be repurposed as a wireless scaffold.

This works similar to a wireless repeater, yet rather than share the Wi-Fi association, the wireless scaffold offers Ethernet. The old router interfaces with your current Wi-Fi organization - just associate gadgets to the Ethernet ports.

6. Convert Your Router Into a NAS Drive

Searching for an approach to store your information on a solitary gadget and access it from anyplace in your home? You need Network Attached Storage (NAS), which is essentially a hard plate drive connected to your organization.

While NAS gadgets are adequately moderate, with an old router sticking around, you can set aside cash. Note that this is restricted to routers that can run custom firmware (like DD-WRT) and have a USB port. You ought to likewise have the option to peruse the substance of any associated USB gadgets through the router.

(Without USB, it is extremely unlikely to connect the hard circle drive or USB streak stockpiling.)

When set up, your specially fabricated NAS should give you moment admittance to your records from anyplace in the house.

7. Utilize an Old Router as a Web Server

Consider the big picture: your old router will run OpenWRT or DD-WRT. It can have a NAS or a keen home center. It makes sense that it can likewise have an essential website page.

This may be a home-just site, planned to share essential data to your family. Then again, it may even be a blog, as custom router firmware will uphold LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). This implies that you might actually introduce WordPress.

Run a site and need a reasonable organizing territory for testing topics, modules, and new code? Your old router may be the low spec worker you need.

8. Make Your Own VPN Router

Old routers upheld by custom firmware can be set up with VPN programming. This implies that in the event that you have a VPN account with, say, ExpressVPN, it very well may be set up on your router.

Thusly, every gadget on your organization is secured by the VPN. You don't have to introduce singular customer applications on your PC or cell phones when associating with a VPN through your home organization.

Note that some old routers have VPN arrangement, yet this possibly works when they're set to modem-just mode.

9. Bring in Money From Your Old Router

On the off chance that you don't extravagant sitting around idly attempting to set up your old router with present day equipment, why not sell it?

Different outlets will allow you to make a couple of dollars from old tech, most eminently eBay. Just rundown the gadget with the make and model number. Your client will regularly be anybody searching for a moderate router, however organizing aficionados, and retro tech authorities may likewise be intrigued.

Creating money for old gear is an incredible method to raise assets for new contraptions.

10. Set Up a Separate Network for IoT and Smart Home Devices

As referenced before, most current routers will allow you to set up an optional organization. However, this isn't just for visitors to your home. It has a few uses, not least setting up an optional organization for Internet of Things (IoT) and brilliant gadgets.

However, consider the possibility that your router doesn't uphold this. It's an ideal opportunity to think about your old router. As with making a wireless scaffold, the router can be connected to your primary organization, and you at that point just associate your IoT gadgets to it. In case of issues, you can undoubtedly reassess, while the firewall on the router can be utilized to arrange associations.

11. Study Home Networking

Routers are practically attachment and play. They arrange new associations naturally, permitting you to get online rapidly and without any problem.

On the off chance that you needed to become familiar with your home organization, you would take a gander at the administrator screen. In any case, on the off chance that you tapped some unacceptable alternative, everything could turn out badly. The arrangement? Utilize an old router to become familiar with home systems administration. Firewalls, DMZs, MAC channels, and more would all be able to be learned with involved experience that doesn't thump your whole organization disconnected.

Utilizing an organization facilitated on an old router, you don't need to depend on a manufacturing plant reset if things turn out badly.

12. Give Your Old Router

At long last, why not just give your old router to a decent aim? Schools, kindergartens, houses of worship, good cause, and more could utilize it.

Any association that depends on altruism can utilize your old router to expand their organization, transfer web radio, set up a visitor Wi-Fi organization, or any of different uses recorded here.

You probably won't bring in any cash from the router, however you'll realize that it is being utilized for a decent motivation.

Your Old Router Isn't So Old After All!

These are for the most part extraordinary approaches to repurpose an old router, regardless of how old it very well may be. Regardless of whether it misses some key wireless highlights, you can in any case utilize it as a switch, or a visitor organization.

On the off chance that none of this works, notwithstanding, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to think about selling or reusing the gadget.

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