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YugiCripto Game NFT Play to earn

Audit, KYC, Certik and more!

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YugiCripto is a new blockchain-based animated and magical card game centered around NFTs. Built with a vision of improvement and accessibility, rescuing simple games combined with multiple technologies. This project offers players an immersive game environment with four playable trainers, with lots of spells and abilities, divided into five environments, called Origin.

The YugiCripto project was thoroughly studied by foreign investors, combined with the experience of Brazilian programmers in the technology area, for the development of this new NFT game.

The incredible story of magic, strength and friendship, combined with fun and technology, will generate a lot of emotion, interaction and profitability. YugiCripto has arrived to revolutionize the universe of Cryptos and NFTs, integrating supporters and players in search of profit and lots of fun.

YugiCripto is the game that has come to unify all classes in the new crypto era, with different game modes, such as the adventure mode (PVE), which is completely free, where you can progress through the game's fascinating story in a world full of magic and adventure, to receive items and NFTs as a reward without having to invest anything.

The link league mode (PVP) will be for those who are looking for fun and strategy to occupy the first positions of the ranking and still be rewarded with our token.

And we don't stop there!!

Earn a lot more as you duel with other players in our Arena mode, challenging other players to prove your talent, and maybe who knows, become the best duelist in the entire world.

In all modalities, participants enjoy a lot of fun, generating income and building a community of value and purpose.

Let the games start...

Game History

​​In 1988, a group of five friends decided to explore an evacuated town due to a nuclear reactor explosion happened in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Riding their bicycles in the middle of a forest, they found a house where they could see a bright blue light coming out of the window, so they looked at each other and decided to enter the house looking for an adventure.

On a table, they found an album with pictures of a wizard and, next to him, were creatures which they had never seen before. Beside the album, there were some cards apparently from some mysterious game, and the creatures of the pictures were on these cards. There was also a notebook, and while they start reading, they saw a wild creature coming out of the basement screaming so loud that the windows shattered. The wizard from the pictures climbed the basement stairs to see what was happening, and the five friends started to run away, but one of them (Edu) fell and was left behind. Then, the wizard used a shine blue stone and as he was pronouncing words from an unknown language, when magically imprisoned his friend in a card and placed him in some kind of card board game.

The other 4 friends (Jako, Isah, Freddy and Mary) rode their bikes as quick as possible to Freddy’s house. From the moment they entered his room, they looked at each other trying to figure out what just happened; therefore, they needed to find out what they would do to save their friend. While they were in the cabin, Jako took some cards and the wizard’s notebook. In the book, the wizard described how he used highly radioactive crystal formations (chernobilytes), which shine a blue coloring and were created after the nuclear reaction explosion.

The wizard described how his plan worked by using magic that created an electromagnetic origin which interfered with the control systems of the nuclear reactor, causing a collapse who made it explode. His objective was to create the chernobilytes crystals so that he could combine them with his magic.


Using this Crystal, the wizard performed experiments involving animals, transforming them into creatures never seen before, because of the genetic mutations the crystals caused. The wizard combined the energy of the radiation with an ancestral magic of the Eastern Slavic people to imprison the creatures in the cards. He also described that crystal, when placed over the card game board, could open a portal to another dimension where they could battle with the creatures trapped in the cards.

The friends decided to search for chernobilytes at the explosion location, in order to open a portal and rescue their friend Edu in an intense card battle.

For this reason, choose your character and get in this exciting game card where you will battle against wizards, beasts, dragons and many other unknown creatures to rescue the friend who was taken to another dimension.

NFT Cards

The cards should be acquired through the boxes available in our Martketplace. All cards received will be random, and every kind of box will have a probability of obtaining the rarities of the cards, as you can see below:

Bronze Box ($X) - 3 Creature Cards + 1 Mystic Card.

​​Silver Box ($2X) - 4 Creature Cards + 1 Mystic Card.

​​Gold Box ($3x) - 5 Creature Cards + 1 Mystic Card.


NOTE: The creature cards can only battle 3 times a day, the player may use Stamina Potions to increase how many times the cards can be used daily.


Creature cards belong to different origins as described below:

- Light

- Forest

- Magma

- Water

- Darkness

Each origin will be identified by the color of its respective border and the symbol at the bottom of the card. For example, a forest card will have a green border and a symbol representing a forest at the bottom. It is worth mentioning that some creatures will be part of two or more origins at the same time.

NOTE: An origin will have advantage over the other cyclically during the battles, following this order:

​​NOTE: During the battle, if the creature attacking belongs to the origin that has advantage over the other, a critical damage will be increased by 20%.

As an example, if a creature from the light origin has 1000 attack points, and this card will attack a creature from the darkness origin, his power attack will be increased in 20% totalizing 1200 attack points.

Neutral Cards

Neutral cards will be obtained for free by playing our history mode (PVE). These cards will have no market value and, therefore, cannot be commercialized.

These cards will not be part of any origin (water, magma, forest, light and darkness) and because of this, they will be vulnerable to all kinds of origin, and when attacked, they will suffer the critical damage of 20%.

As the player levels up, he will receive new neutral cards and also earn rewards, such as: cosmetics to customize his deck, items that increase attack and defense and NFT’s that can be used in PVP mode or even sold on the marketplace. Please note that these neutral cards have no market value and so cannot be traded on our Marketplace.

Mystic Cards

Mystic cards give some kind of ability to the creature card, however, mystic cards can only be used in creatures of the same origin they belong to.

For example, the player is with the Necromancer card from the Darkness origin and he uses a mystic card, also from the Darkness origin, Medusa’s Ring which doubles his attack during the battle.

NOTE: Mystic cards can only be used once a day, the player can use stamina to increase how many times the card will be used daily.

Cards Rarity

The cards will have 5 levels of rarity as described below:

· Common cards

· Uncommon cards

· Rare cards

· Epic cards

· Legendary cards

Common cards have the lowest attack and defense points; in other way, the Legendary cards are the cards with highest attacks and defense points.

​History Mode (PVE)

The player can receive a box with 5 neutral cards for free through our airdrop and another box with 5 neutral cards through our whitelist. In story mode, a minimum deck of 5 and a maximum of 20 cards can be used, each of which can be used 3 times a day. A maximum of 5 mystic cards can also be used, once a day.

​​Throughout history, players will face creatures in different stages, such as: forest, darkness, light, volcano and water, where each stage will have 15 duels (14 with creatures and 1 boss). As battles are won, the player will be rewarded with neutral cards, cosmetics that allow them to customize their deck background, PVE Ranking points, and NFT card fragments. Upon defeating the boss, a spell will be released that allows you to merge all the fragments and thus generate a random NFT card, which can be claimed and sold on the marketplace or even used in PVP mode.

The PVE Ranking will be used to select the 100 players with the highest score to compete in an internal championship, where the champion will receive a custom gaming PC from YugiCripto as a reward.

​​The player will also be able to claim neutral cards by earning a total of 1000 referral points by sending the game invitation link to their friends. Each referral will be worth 50 points, which will be counted when your friend completes the first battle. If your referral buys a bronze box, you will receive 100 more points, a silver box you will receive 150 points or a gold box 200 referral points.

Winner League Mode (PVP)

​​Winner league mode will be the one where the players will face each other, the winner will receive a reward in our Yugitoken and also points for the monthly ranking. The player who loses the battle will not receive any reward and will also lose points in the ranking.

The ranking will be monthly, where the 12 best players will qualify for the championship that will be broadcasted worldwide at the end of 12 months. There will be 144 participants who will compete for prizes in cash at the end of the competition, following the trend of electronic games.

NOTE: To play the winner league mode, the player will have to acquire one of our 4 available trainers, where 1 of them is free and the other 3 will have to be purchased. Also, the player’s deck will need 20 creature cards which 15 of them can be neutral cards and 5 origin cards NFT’s purchased in our Marketplace, where each player will start with 8000 HP. The player can choose whether or not to use Mystic cards.

The winner league will be divided in 9 divisions:

Iron – Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Sapphire – Emerald – Ruby - Diamond

Being Iron the lowest division and Diamond the highest one. Each division has 3 levels organized in an increasing manner: I, II and III. This means, for example, that if you are on Iron I, your next ascension will be to Iron II, or if you are on Iron III your next division will be Bronze I.

Each time the player climbs a new tier, the amount of neutral will decrease and the number of creatures who belongs to any of the origin will increase, as well as the amount of Mystic cards. Following the table below:

​​After each battle, the winner will earn 30 XP points to climb in the ranking, for example to climb from Iron l to Iron ll, the player will have to gain 300 XP points. The player can earn more points using the bonus reward provided by his character. In case of defeat, the player will lose 10% of his score (3 XP points).

Every time the player climbs a new tier, for example, from Iron l to Iron ll he will receive a random item that can be a Stamina potion, a tonic potion or a shield potion.

- Stamina Potion – Recovers all or part of the energy card , allowing the card be used more often.

- Tonic Potion – Increases the attack points of a creature card only in the next battle.

- Shield Potion – Increases the defense points of a creature card only in the next battle.

Such items can also be purchased in game.

Arena Mode

​​The Arena mode sharpens and highlights its more competitive side, allowing users to bet on their talent and strategies to get token rewards by beating their opponent in an epic battle, where both bet a certain amount of coins. The winner will take 95% of the total bet and the loser 5%.

The player can challenge a friend to a duel or enter roulette mode, where his opponent will be chosen randomly. He will indicate the amount of his bet and wait for his opponent to accept the amount before starting the duel.

Players must have a minimum deck of 10 cards and a maximum of 40 cards, including neutral, origin NFT’s and mystical cards.

During the game you can buy portions to increase the value of HP, gain attack or defense buffs or buy chernobylites.

Game Rules for PVE, PVP and Arena Mode

For PVE mode, players will start with 6000 HP points; for PVP mode, there will be 8000 HP points for each player and in ARENA mode, there will be 15000 HP for each one. Whoever reaches zero HP will be defeated and the battle is over. The player must have a deck with 20 creature cards, where the amount of neutral cards, origin cards and mystical cards vary according to each level, as seen in the previous topic.

The player will have 6 chernobylite available at the beginning of the match. They must be used to summon creatures according to the card’s rarity, in the following sequence:

· 2 chernobylites for a neutral card.

· 3 chernobylites for a common card.

· 4 chernobylites for an uncommon card.

· 5 chernobylites for a rare card.

· 6 chernobylites for an epic card.

· 7 chernobylites for a legendary card.

Game starts with its players taking the first 5 cards. Following up, only 1 creature has to be summoned per round. Then, creatures must be invoked according to the amount of chernobylite’s that will be paid per round. At the end of the round, the player receives 2 more chernobylite for the creature summon and the opportunity to take one more card from the deck.

Creature's attack or defense actions will be performed. The mystical cards can be used at any time in the game, as long as they're from the same origin as the creature on the battlefield.

In attack mode, the card will be faced up while in defense mode it will face down.

If the player´s cards is in attack mode, the competitor with higher attack wins and the difference between the cards of attack power will be subtracted from the HP. For example, your card has 2500 attack and the opponent´s card has 2000, the 2000 attack card loses, goes to cemetery, and the difference of 500 points deducts from the total HP (For example 8000 HP), resulting in 7500 HP. If there is a tie between the cards of attack power, both end up in cemetery.

In case an attack card strikes a defense card and the attack points are higher than the defense points, the defense card will be destroyed, but the player won´t take any damage. However, if defense (3000) is bigger than attack (2500), the opponent takes damage (500) and the monsters stay in battlefield.

Whenever a player hits an opponent that has no creatures in battle, the damage will be deducted directly from total HP.

NOTE: creature cards can only be used three times a day. In case you want to use them more times, you could buy stamina on the item shop.

Reward in YugiCripto

Every time that a player wins a match, he gets the respective value from his level, it´s also important to highlight that the type of the trainer obtained also gives bonus in YUGI. If a player gets defeated, he won’t get rewards.

​​As a manner to illustrate the bonus reward in YUGI obtained by each type of trainer, we will take as an example, in an illustrative way, that for each win the player gets, he will recieve 50 YUGI as reward (Fictitious value, does not represent the real value of earnings, it is only valid as a form of exemplification):

Below, there is a fictitious illustration, as an example of the token bonus percentages (Yugi) for each trainer:

- Freddy (free): In case of victory, player gets 50 YUGI;

- Mary (If X=10%): In case of victory, player gets 50 YUGI + 10% bonus (5 YUGI). Total= 55 YUGI;

- Jako (If Y=20%): In case of victory, player gets 50 YUGI + 20% bonus (10 YUGI). Total= 60 YUGI;

- Isah (If Z=30%): In case of victory, player gets 50 YUGI + 30% bonus (15 YUGI). Total= 65 YUGI.

Important Annoucement

This document has the purpose to provide an informative analysis inside of the historical and economic context of the game. Every project data described here is likely to change, then it is important to be always updated to the information provided on our YugiCripto official channels to look for the most recent version of this document.

It is Worth mentioning that the cryptocurrency market is considered a high-risk investment, for that reason, before you buy any kind of asset, we recommend you consulting a professional. YugiCripto is not responsible for any kind of loss related to the project, once this market is decentralized and we do not have any control over it. The value invested in any YugiCripto category is under the own investor responsibility. We also reiterate that the YugiCripto project is exempted of any responsibility of the Yugitoken value, since it is a variable dependent on the crypto-active market.

Any inconsistent information in this document must be ignored, as the entire project and all necessary information is described in this White Paper officially. Any discrepancies from the website or any other channel must be based on this document.

The security of the tokens and NFTs purchased are under full and exclusive responsibility of the owner, exempting YugiCripto from any extra charges in case of attacks, theft, robbery or loss of any kind.

In case of any doubts, we recommend you to stay in contact with our developing team through the official channels to clarify any misunderstood information.

All rights are reserved to YugiCripto and all information described in this White Paper are for research of this project.

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