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Why DeFi and farmings are good?

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6 months ago

One of the most amazing features that defi made popular is stake pools, you no longer need to buy a bunch of 4K rtx to earn 200$ a month.

Yeah, 1 year ago that was the reality, if you want to earn some crypto from mining or staking you had to spend a lot buy some graphic cards, or in the best case, buying a bunch of masternode coins and trying you lucky.

Today you can just Buy about 1K of BNB or some other token that is possible to stake and stake in any pool of your choice. You win a lot more and you can still stake your win and win even more, if you don't want to hold and win in the long run. The only job you will have is to log into dapp and collect the day's profit and apply it to the pool again.

You profit from your token and still profit from your profit, not to mention that it is a very peaceful and low risk investment.

If you put 2k$ in some of the mostly great defis pools you can earn the same as a brazilian employe, just like that, not even need to work af, yeah, currently earn the same as an employee who fucks himself all day.

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The question is, is this sustainable in the medium or long term? What is the difference between these "profits" from the pools and the printing of money by central banks? My ignorance in DEFI don't realize if there is any difference!

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5 months ago