Users are accusing Crex24 Exchange of Masking a Major Hack

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4 years ago

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Customers of the cryptocurrency Exhange CREX24 are desperate for an alleged hack suffered by the company.

According to a Cointelegraph publication, the exchange halted withdrawals and deposits from various cryptocurrencies without offering any explanation as to why or when the situation will be settled.

At least 61 altcoin trading pairs are frozen at CREX24.

The company has already been widely criticized for false volume, lack of security and for being an alleged scam.

On Twitter, customers of the company that did not require KYC (Know Your Customer) and increased the difficulty of passing verification after accusations about the alleged hack, say it is a scam:


“a complete theft. SCAMMER. they cannot provide account security. and they stole the coins, even they deliberately stole them. They have now undone all trades traded on the Crex24 exchange. They stole our money. PAY ATTENTION SCAMMMM ”says @abdullahegemen.

CREX24 confirmed the loss of approximately 200 million Htmlcoin to the developer team, and offered three solutions to the group, the text says.

One of them would be the listing of new pairs, which was denied by the team. And another, the repurchase of users' coins until the damage is repaired.

1.3 billion Htmlcoin sent to another exchange

About R $ 360,000 in Htmlcoin (1.3 billion coins) came out of CREX24 in early February, according to an address on the project's blockchain. The amount was sent to HitBTC, another broker in which the currency is listed.

Project leaders are talking to HitBTC to identify the user behind the address that transferred the more than 1 billion Htmlcoin. Meanwhile, CREX24 did not comment on the matter.

In social networks, customers complain about the company's lack of transparency regarding the problem.

"Crex could very well have said 'we were victims and we lost the coins', but no, they decided to pay for their mistake," said one user.

The company did not respond to attempts to contact the portal, but unofficial information indicates that the funds will be reimbursed within a month, the website says.

Some currencies even received indecent proposals, such as, for example, reimbursing funds lost in exchange for some extra benefits and new project listings. CREX24's headquarters are in Estonia, however, the company is founded by Russians.

Bitcoin brokers are environments that should be analyzed calmly by traders, especially when they do not have clear information publicly. Cryptocurrencies have enormous security, but the brokers in which they are traded are often hacked.




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