The most complete Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency course on the market.

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The most complete Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency course on the market.


This course aims to use you how the incredible world of cryptocurrencies works, here you will understand how it works, how to keep your cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins, how to buy and sell, how to understand the market on your own, without depending on anyone.

Not only that, all students in my course will have access to my VIP Group, in that group I will help to answer questions, receive suggestions for content for the Course, and I will disclose first hand the best projects, and aidrops to students in my course .

Many projects have been looking for me even before they were launched, to make video, publicity, I will share in the VIP group first, so all students will have a chance to follow the great news of the Beginning.

This course will be constantly updated, new videos and classes will be reduced every WEEK.

What are cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum, Smart Chain)

I've some videos that are Focused only on Bitcoin Cash too:

More than 40 minutes about BCH

How to Earn Online Cryptocurrencies for Free

Essential tools to keep up with the crypto market, and how to use these tools

How to save cryptocurrencies

What is Backup? Seed, Private key.

How to buy, sell, withdraw cryptocurrencies in exchanges and understand different types of networks, ERC20, TRC20, BEP2, BEP20

How to follow launches and analyze new projects in the market.

Cryptocurrency wallets how to use

Exodus, coinomi,, trust - How to use, backup, and more.

Windows Executable Portfolios - How to use, backup, and more.

MetaMask - Ethereum and Binance Smartchain How to use, send and receive ETH, tokens, use uniswap, 1 inch)

Smart Chain wallet BNB - How to configure, backup, send receive BNB, tokens, use pancake swap

Tron Link

Smart chain for metamask, Trust, and vice versa.


What is DeFi, Farm, staking, LP, pancake, uniswap, 1inch.

How to farm tokens, Strategies for farm volatility, emergency withdrawal.

And more!

This is the primary content of the course, which will be updated over time, in the beginning, the content will be from a few classes only, new content will always be posted every week, and everyone who has purchased will have access to all content, plus bonuses, such as sweepstakes, vip group to answer questions, indicate the content for the course, market tips, new projects, farms and much more. For an affordable price, you will have access to the most complete course on the market. All people who purchase the course will have access to a private group on Telegram, where users will help each other and I will give advice (ask questions, guide) to users who have doubts and questions (I already do this in my public group, e-mail and direct messages on Telegram, however, the users who purchase the course and are in the group will have priority in support). This Vip Group on Telegram will also have priority information about new cryptocurrency projects, new DeFis farms, among other information, daily I receive b o information from developers and projects in the Cripto environment.

All strategies and investments involve risk of loss. No information contained in this product should be interpreted as a guarantee of results. If you just want to join the group, you will be charged a monthly fee (very cheap).

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2 years ago


"Most complete course" and no mention of Bitcoin Cash in this article?

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2 years ago

My Mistake, but I have a 40 minutes video in this course, talking about BCH only, btw, I changed in the post here, added that info :)

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2 years ago