The current level of "coronavirus crisis" compared to major global crises.

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4 years ago

The current level of deterioration in the markets already makes the "coronavirus crisis" compared to major global crises.


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There's a lot of establishment that is closed, but not banned to still functioning because of coronavirus. Maybe because of that, people sometimes forget that there is still someway for getting a job even in low income, like all the proposing job online. Because the mindset somehow, there is no transportation for going to work. What we gonna eat for the next day. But staying sometimes inside the house, is quite safe, here in the land there is diff. Stories about criminality, on the first dated of coronavirus. And then, need some social outside the house either because also of criminality even on the same family. That can be watch on our news. And after giving a big amount comingngfor our government me. And we thought until the coronavirus is here, every month we are guarantee to have a money for

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3 years ago