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Tartaruga coin TTC POUSADA

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​This Project with a structure and stability vision, decided to innovate and invest in inn tourism, with research in the north coast region of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, saw the possibility of a huge tourist growth because there are several forms of tourism in the region and above all Maracajaú, now considered the Brazilian caribbean, has drawn a crowd to the diving and appreciation of ornamental fish.

With calculation to build 5 inns each one with 20 suites estimated cost of 400,000 USD (four hundred thousand) USD, with estimated income of 25,000 USD (twenty-five thousand) USD, monthly, this calculation is for only 33% of monthly rental to daily rate of 20 USD, (twenty) USD, and the average stay in the region is 40 USD, (forty USD).


It will certainly be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Brazil,

because we will give the customer the convenience to trade directly from their portfolios and

will work with more than 5 coins and many BSC tokens.

This will give more stability to CRYPTOCURRENCY TTC as all fees and listing on DEX-TTC

will be paid at TTC, this to give more security to the asset and make a highly liquid token, SEU




​ To be a direct part of the Tourism Project, you can enter as; 1,000,000,000 TTC (one billion TTC), being 200,000,000 TTC (two hundred million TTC), per inn, will be the total of the company, and any client can be a partner just send the TTC tokens acquired for burning through the project Pousadas and the amounts collected to be a partner in the project already go straight to burning 80% for greater appreciation of the token, the other 20% is in possession of the Pousada project, for future sale for new investments and project growth.

MARKETING with crypto

Bom dia pessoal! Quero aqui pedir a comunidade ttc q nos ajude a finalizar a compra do terreno para construir o primeiro NFT REAL DE CRIPTOMOEDAS que é as nossas pousadas. E pra isso acontecer contamos com o esforço de cada um q possa comprar o TTC através das nossas promoções.

os DEVS do TARTARUGA COIN, decidiram fazer mais um combo no p2p, para levantar o restante da aquisição do terreno. Para adquirir 1.050.000 TTC, e ser um sócio especial, vc agora vai pagar 63 usd, que vai sair a 0.00006 usd, são 210.000.000 nesta promoção que vai até dia 07 de JULHO 2022.


Our Marketing team handpicked, and closed the deal with

Crypto's Lion Business, which is worthy of our soclals networks and in particular

twitter and telegram and in the dissemination of 5 (five) weekly videos for a space btc

currently closed for 24 weeks and also in Content Production,



Bitcoin is subject to the same economic laws as any good or service, and with the creation of new coins through mining, the supply of Bitcoin increases over time (by ~900 units per day). If demand does not keep up with this increase, mining alone can already be a factor in the fall in price, due to the law of supply and demand.

Miners have high costs and mining is a business that needs to be profitable to sustain itself. Normally, miners' sales are made only to cover these costs and the partners' pro-labore; when they need to occur, since many companies are financed with third-party investments and working capital that avoid short-term sales.

However, with the price drop in recent months, many of these businesses are finding themselves forced to sell larger amounts of the Bitcoin they mine. The increase started in the first months of 2022, marking an average of approximately 30% of sales of the total put into circulation.

But the month of May saw record sales volume, with miners selling more than 100% of the amount mined in the month. Which means they sold all new coins created, plus coins accumulated in hold from previous months.

Assuming 100% sales, this would result in a volume of around 27,900 BTC, or $540M, at the same quote ($20K USD). We know it was bigger.

one pulls the other

As a result, the validating entities of the network, which guarantee the security of the bitcoin blockchain, are pessimistic about the short-term future of the asset price and could indicate a possible decapitalization of the activity, which would momentarily affect its solidity and could expose some vulnerabilities. about consensus.

All these factors are linked together and, unfortunately, "one pulls the other", which can cause even more falls, which would cause more falls, doubts, uncertainties, fears, with more falls... Until at some point you find the balance point.

On the other hand, the massive selling of positions also means that entities are in the capitulation phase, which normally indicates price funds. Arguing that the worst is over and the price should rise again, improving the whole scenario as a consequence – “one pulls the other”.

The future is uncertain.

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Written by   218
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