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The history of Space Boo has been passed on from Elder Boos to newborns ever since we landed on this new planet, and if you were to ask any Space Boo where they originated, they would all give you the same answer ---- Earth.

The exact situation that happened on that day is still recorded in our grand database, it was a sunny day until our planet are covered by a red electrical field.

Those aliens called themselves “Alien Frens”, but we know they were here to invade and take over. Without a doubt we decided to fight back, but we were losing until the head of the portal tech division suggested using its portal laser weapon which was at that time still under testing.

Those invaders were forced to retreat, but our planet earth it's also greatly damaged, we had to look for a new planet to rebuild our civilization. Since then, it has been over thousands of years.

However, about a month ago, a bad news was announced by the head of space security, saying “the entire universe is collapsing, some planets have already collapsed into 2-dimensional matters”. Only the elders know that the collapse of the universe was initially triggered by the misuse of our portal laser, although it's slow, it is happening.

We must speed up on fixing the portal tech, and travel to another universe.

It has been thousands of years, but that day cannot be forgotten by any Space Boo when our brave space team fight back to the invasion from the invaders. We were not holding until someone from the research lab fired up the portal laser.

We won the fight.

But… our homeland Earth-C133 was also damaged so severely that we had to move to a backup planet.

Space Boo Enterprise has 171 different space stations working around other parts of the Universe. Our space stations are not powered by traditional energies known on Earth, like fossil fuel and electricity. Instead, Gold Stone is the source of all energies. One of the main tasks of our Astro Boos is to collect Gold Power stones around stations and transfer the rocks back to our plant.

Look, Astro Boo 64 just found one!

He appeared out of nowhere. And disappeared into nowhere. He was worshiped and hated at the same time. It was believed that a mortal could not defeat him. Because he is a demon. Demon of the night.

In early 3056, fear took up residence in a fortress on the planet Dimension C-133. The servants hid in their rooms, afraid to once again show themselves to the eyes of the Lord. Everyone was talking quietly, as if afraid to frighten off that unknown force that made its way to them in the fortress. The governor of the province was lying in bed, soaked with blood. No one dared to approach the dead man, they were afraid to even look at him.

The guards were perplexed - the fortress was impregnable: the walls are high, the corridors are full of armed soldiers, and the whole courtyard is occupied by security robots. Not a single living soul could enter here. But someone did it anyway. Who? Ninja Boo

The servants whispered softly among themselves: there was a flash of blinding light, and two guards on the North Tower were found dead; there were no wounds, only the lips turned blue and the eyes bulged as if at the last moment they saw all the horrors of the world. The samurai suspected treason, but could not figure out where to look for it. Who was at the Viceroy's for a late supper? Colonel. Yes, there were two more geishas from the nearest teahouse, but they visited the viceroy every night. The geishas left before sunset - the owner was still alive. Unexplained death. And none of them could know that there were not two geishas that night, but three.

Just the third geisha was the pink ninja, the main difference was the third eye. He had two too sharp blades and a shuriken. Big-eyed passers-by claim that he appeared from a bright green portal.

The chief sage of Dimension C-133 believes that Ninja Boo came to their planet to kill all the deputies who are badly in their post.

No one is trying to resist ninja boo, because everyone is afraid for their lives. Although they have all seen a ninja in their lives, but not like a ninja boo. He's a real demon (three eyes, pink, came out of the portal). All residents are scared, but they want to believe in the words of the sage and hope that ninja boo will touch only heads of state.

Zombie Boo, the most terrifying soul in the Hinyth space maximum prison. Or maybe, the soul he used to have before.

Zombie boo was a very high level prisoner, indicted for several galaxy crimes. Nobody has seen him after he was caught stealing galaxy banks and even planetary governments. For a while, he managed an entire planet posing as the governor, Zombie Boo carried a genius mind that could infiltrate any kind of society. His penalty for violating universal laws was unknown. He Completely disappeared.

Rumors in the middle of the universe said that the prison was a big research complex where a biological weapon could exterminate a whole planet, and nobody has ever entered the prison to prove otherwise. After long quiet years, Hinyth got invaded

and destroyed, releasing the one of most dangerous weapon in that galaxy: The Zombie Boo. Many years waiting for the right moment to escape, the lengthy years in a acid chamber made him learn something. The power of manage the acid, which enable his exit from the Glass chamber, and more than that: he had no more soul. No mercy.

Now, He could finally do what he was made for... exterminate all the planets that determined his sentence, and search for the time he wasted thinking bout this plan. Boo!

It was a dark dreary day in Dimension C-133, the day of Godfather Boo’s daughters wedding. He finally mustered up the courage to go ask for what most Normie Boos only dream of, Boolist. But on a day like today, was it worth the trouble? Of course it was. He knew Boolist would bring him the most desired treasures in all of the dimensions.

He slowly opened the door to the office, so nervous he was shaking in his Space Boots. The room was dark, the light poured thru the opened door and illuminated Godfather Boo at the other side of the room. Godfather Boo has two guards standing behind the chair, part of the notorious Boo Mafia. He had the thought to turn around and leave the wedding all together, the sight of Godfather Boo alone is enough to scare even the bravest of Boos. He decided to push forward, thru the nerves. He approached Godfather Boo, kissed the ring and got ready to make the biggest deal in his life...

He manage to rattle off the words, “Godfather Boo, I know how much family means to you and I would like to join your family forever. Wen Boolist?” He pauses, his nerves grow. Godfather Boo finally begins to speak after what seems like an eternity “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its loyalty to each other. I will grant you Boolist, on the condition that you vow your life to The Boo Family and promise to Diamond Hand and protect your fellow Boos.”

He couldn’t believe it, Boolisted, and by Godfather Boo nonetheless. But this was only the beginning, little did he know what events were to unfold after joining The Boo Family...

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