Slime Royale - O jogo de NFT Play To Earn Mais fofo do mundo, muito divertido e bem pensado!

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Slime Royale - O jogo de NFT Play To Earn Mais fofo do mundo, muito divertido e bem pensado!

Let's join Slime squad!


Along with the advancement of Blockchain technology, NFT games have rapidly grown in popularity, so much so that it led to a turning point in the traditional gaming industry. Holding a hopeful vision of the NFT games, we kicked off this project by raising the following questions:

  • What makes an NFT game successful?

  • Why do some NFT games succeed while the others fail?

  • What is the greatest competitive advantage of NFT games over the traditional ones?

Based on the answers to those fundamental questions, we have finally come to the 4 Foundational Principles for the successful development of Slime Royale. The basic principles are as follows:

1. The players must be the creator and owner of the game's digital items.

One of the distinguishing features of the NFT games is that: The player must be the creator and owner of the game's digital items. Owner rights are the most powerful motivator that encourages players to think of themselves as game creators rather than just players. With Blockchain technology, in-game items and currency will become digital assets, which owners will be able to easily exchange and purchase with anyone in the world.

Traditional games make a profit by encouraging players to purchase items from game developers, whereas successful NFT Games must encourage players to purchase items from one another. That is why Slime Royale will limit self-publishing and self-selling NFT items; and operate as a platform where players are supported to create, own, and exchange their digital assets. The fact that players create and own all items in the game is necessary for building a sustainable ecosystem based on players’ trading and exchanging.

2. Attract both play-to-earn players and play-for-fun players

A critical issue that every NFT game on the market is facing is INFLATION.

To solve this problem and build a sustainable economic system, our new approach is that Slime Royale has to hold attraction for both Play-to-Earn and Play-for-Fun players. Following are the tactics to help us bring this idea to fruition:

  • Slime Royale is the first NFT game that designed BES - Balancing Economic System to protect the game economy from inflation and secure the benefits of NFT owners.

  • Strike a balance between Play-to-Earn and Play-for-Fun gamers. We make sure that Slime Royale possesses all the key qualities of a fun and intriguing game. It goes without saying that the better the game is, the more players are excited to join in, and the demand for NFT Slime ownership will pick up as a natural result. (The balancing between Play-to-earn and Play-for-fun)

3. Interesting gameplay

Attracting Play-to-Earn gamers is an ideal way to start off an NFT project. It helps the game with capital-raising and gain more popularity. However, the long-term strategy must be retaining Play-for-Fun players with a storyline interesting enough to keep them from leaving. Our main target, therefore, is “Whale players’ - those who are willing to pay a great deal of money in exchange for fun.

We truly understand the importance of attractive gameplay that hooks a large number of players. In-game items will be valueless if there’s no one bothering to claim them. And the price growth of the NFTs will soon inevitably come to an end. It was the worst-case scenario that happened to Crypto Kitties Mania, a game that saw a boom and bust cycle in just three months.

With that in mind, we are aiming to create joyful and challenging gameplay that suits all tastes. Players will need excellent team formation skills based on lineups, tactics, classes, game control abilities to win a match. And first and foremost, we want to create a game that we will love and want to play.

(Details: PvE Mode, PvP Mode)

4. Capability to scale to a mass game market

Although the most successful NFT Games can attract 2-3M players, this number is only a very small set of customers in the vast Game market. (The entire world has 3 billion Video Gamers, Top games can attract from 1 billion to 1.5 billion players. Source:

If Slime Royale can attract dozens or hundreds of millions of players, it will add enormous value to the gaming industry as a whole.

Based on the above 4 Foundation Principles, we started to build Slime Royale.


Develop a fun NFT game with a balanced economic system where players can gain real benefits while having fun. Free-to-play, play-and-earn, play-for-fun, pay-for-fun, invest-to-earn, no matter what type of player you are, your desire will be satisfied in Slime Royale.


Create an NFT game that satisfies millions of players of all types and makes a breakthrough in the gaming industry.


The Alpha Game Version of Slime Royale will be officially opened in the next few days. The total reward pool of Alpha Game Version is 8,000,000 SCE and 300,000 SRG (~50,000 USDT). They will be divided into the following activities.

Download the Alpha Version: Download here

1. Bonus mechanism for TOP 100 players.

The first reward for players based on ranking during Alpha Game Version. The ranking depends on the total SCE a player earns from the battles of the Alpha version. Top 100 players will share a reward pool of:

  • 6,000,000 SCE (~30,000 USDT based on SCE buy-back price is $0.005/SCE)

  • 100,000 SRG.

The detailed information about the bonus level according to the ranking from 01 to 100 is as follows in the RANKING AND REWARD TABLE below.

Notice: ll the SCE from battle will be reset after the Alpha version. The amount of SCE you get through the event rewards will be kept.

2. The bonus mechanism is based on the number of participating matches.

Besides the reward mechanism for players in the top 100, the Slime Royale team also added a reward mechanism based on the number of matches that a player participates in during the Alpha Game Version. The more games the more rewards the player has. The reward structure table is detailed:

  • 25 games: 1,000 SCE

  • 50 games: 2,000 SCE

  • 80 games: 3,000 SCE + 100 SRG

  • 100 battles: 5,000 SCE + 200 SRG

Notice: You must have at least 01 NFT Slime until the end of the event to get a reward drop. All the battle data will be reset after the Alpha version. The amount of SCE you get through the event rewards will be kept.

3. Event “Find Bugs - Earn reward”

During the Alpha Game Version, we also launched the event “Find Bugs - Earn Reward” for the gamers who have experienced Slime Royale and gave us feedback about bugs that you find during the course of the Alpha Game Version. The first hunter of each bug will be rewarded 2,000 SCE.

Keep in mind that:

  • A bug will be reported by many Hunters, but only the FIRST one to bring forward that bug will be rewarded.

  • Bugs are reported on our Alpha Bug Hunters channel. Any bugs reported elsewhere WONT' COUNT.

  • Please report bugs in the following form. Otherwise, your Bug report WON'T COUNT: - Device: - Operation System (OS): - Wallet Address: - Bug Description: - Bug's Image:

4. Event “We love Slimes”

During the Alpha Game Version, we also run “We love Slimes” and everyone can join. Users can review or generate introduction content about Slime Royale to get the rewards.

Details information about “We love Slimes” event:

  • Users create content intro/review/instruction with a topic about Alpha Game Version of Slime Royale: Picture, Video.

  • Post your content to our community channel:

  • Send your content to our admin: @jason3k86

  • We will pick quality content to upload to Slime Royale Official Channel.

  • The selected content will be rewarded:

    • Picture format: 2,000 SCE/ content.

    • Video format: 5,000 SCE/ content

This event is for everyone and doesn't require any condition to join.

5. Another note about the Alpha Game Version phase.

  • Alpha version will reset all data after finishing, including the SCE, Crystal,… that the player gets through the Alpha battles. The amount of SCE you get through the event rewards will be kept.

  • SRG reward will be sent to the winner after 2 weeks from the IDO Event.

  • After the end of the Alpha Game Version, we will launch the 2nd Buyback SCE with the price at $0.005/SCE.


SCE reward pool: 6,000,000 SCE

SR reward pool: 100,000 SRG

Purity Slime

The mystical creatures of Slime Royale

The Mystical Moonlight Valley

Purity Slimes — The Magnificent, Mystical, and Charming creatures born from the purest energy of the Moon & Stars. They are the origin and might that can bring hope and joy to the Slime Royale.

What are Purity Slimes?

Purity Slimes are among the most precious NFT Slimes that Slime Royale will publish to the community with a hard cap of 10,000. With only a limited number of Purity Slimes being released throughout the entire game, they are inarguably the rarest NFTs one could ever have. All of the other NFT Slimes will be born and grown from these one-of-a-kind Purity Slimes.

The born of Purity Slimes

How to get Purity Slimes?

Players can only get Purity Slimes for themselves by purchasing Slime Chests available in the INO Rounds or participating in special events and earning them as rewards.

INO Whitelist registration for Purity Slime is open now, check it out:

Purity Slime Advantage

Breeding fees reduction with Purity Slimes

As you know, to be able to breed a new NFT Slime, the player will have to pay a certain amount of SCE and SRG. However, the SCE and SRG costs will be reduced for Purity Slime owners. If you own the Purity Slime, then when breeding the SCE cost will be directly reduced by 50% per Purity Slime. And for the SRG you will get a direct 25% reduction in the SRG fee, which means that when you breed 2 Purity Slimes, the cost will reduce up to 50% of the SRG.

As the NFT Slime population expands over time and the breeding cost rises as a result, this advantage will become even more obvious under the effect of the BES Function.

Let's do some simple math. When the number of NFTs reaches 1,000,000, the breeding cost that comes with Breeding Multiple is 2.13, which means that each time you do breeding, you will have to pay 17,017 Cupid Essence for the first breeding per NFT Slime. However, for Purity Slime, this number will only be 8,508.5, so you already have an advantage over many other players, right?

Earning Bonus in the early game

Another perk of owning Purity Slime is the extra rewards one wins during Blooming Season Bonus. For example, in the early game, a battle team of 3 Purity Slimes will receive a 160% Reward Rate. You can make a fortune with this, guys!

Shorten Breeding time

Post breeding recovery can take 3 days for normal NFT Slimes. However, with Purity Slimes acquired through special Chest Opening events, the owners can immediately restart the breeding process without intervals. It can also save them tons of time and maximize profits as there is no cooldown between breeding times either.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get a more in-depth look at the benefits of owning Purity Slimes.

BES - Inflation Control

BES - Balancing Economic System - An unique feature to help control inflation

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Slime Royale BES - An unique feature to help control inflation

Token inflation is a huge issue in many NFT games on the market today. Inflation will make the game lose its financial balance, thereby losing its long-term appeal to the community. The Slime Royale team has carefully researched and calculated inflation-related problems and created BES - Balancing Economic System feature.

What is BES?

BES was designed and first introduced by Slime Royale. BES operates based on 3 core mechanisms that make Slime Royale's economy sustainable in the long term.

So how does BES work? Let’s find out:

1. Hard Cap with NFT Slime

As promised from the early days, Slime Royale will release only 10,000 NFT Slimes which is called Purity slimes. And it is committed by a smart contract. All future NFT Slimes will be generated by players themselves without any interference in the supply from the developers.

2. Control Slime supply with the “Awakening” feature

Slime Royale brings a limit-breaking feature, and with this feature, users will have to "sacrifice" 2 NFT Slimes to activate the hidden potential of NFT Slime. This feature will make use of every Slime no matter how weak they are. If properly nourished can become very effective while also helping to reduce the amount of NFT Slimes on the market.

For example, it is best to have 3 Slimes in a squad. And to activate the level 1 hidden attribute for these 3 Slimes, you will need 6 other Slimes. Try multiplying it by at least 10,000 players, therefore, 60,000 NFT Slimes have already been removed from the game. Limiting and reducing the supply of Purity Slime will make the value of each NFT Slime you hold higher.

3. Auto-Balance Economic helps Cupid Essence managing - Bringing more values and benefits for users.

The Auto-Balance Economic feature in Slime Royale will automatically balance Breed Cost and SCE Reward based on the total number of newborn NFT Slimes to limit Cupid Essence inflation. In short, BREEDING COST and SCE REWARDS will be adjusted based on the amount of minted NFT Slime.

3.1 Breeding Multiple

The breeding feature will be the first to be affected by BES. The more NFT Slimes are generated on the market, the more Cupid Essense will be spent to breed new NFT slime.

Breeding cost will be calculated according to the following formula with Breeding Multiple parameters:

Breeding fees = Base breeding fees * Breeding Multiple

In which:

  • Base Breeding fees are basic breeding costs

  • Breeding Multiple will be an index that ranges from 1 to 3.28 depending on the number of NFT Slimes on the market.

Here is the graph of the respective NFT Slimes and Breeding Multiple counts:

3.2 Cupid Essence Rewards rate

Balance Cupid Essence Rewards Rate is a second way to help control the value of Cupid Essence in the game. Accordingly, the percentage of Cupid Essence rewarded through the activity will be inversely proportional to the number of NFT Slimes minted: The more NFT Slime minted, the less Cupid Essence will reward. The formula will describe this activity:

SCE Rewards = Base rewards * Rewards rate.

In which:

  • Base Reward is the base reward amount

  • The reward rate will decrease from 100% to a maximum of 45.8%

Here is the graph on the amount of NFT Slimes and the corresponding Reward Rate

After many analyses and simulations calculating to design BES, we believe that Slime Royale BES will make the game control inflation and be sustainable even at least 100M NFT Slimes.

PvP - Play to earn

This is the beginning of a series detailing Slime Royale's in-game features. Now let's dive into all about Arena Battle (PvP mode).

PvP Arena battle is exclusively designed for Play-to-earn players, which joining in is the best way to obtain Cupid Essence. You will need at least 1 NFT slime to enter a PvP Arena Battle. Your battle team can be formed from 3 NFT Slimes or a mix of Free Slimes and NFT ones.

With a sound understanding of the game mechanics, the PvP Arena players will definitely get a head start on other players.

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Here are some of our pro-tips for you in PvP Arena battles:

  • Keep in mind that it’s teamwork that matters, not the strength of individual Slime. So make sure that you understand thoroughly the ins and outs of your Slimes before making any decisions. This will help you stand a better chance of winning.

  • Create a good build of Slimes to max out their potentials with the best strategy you can come up with.

  • Trigger special skills at the right time to inflict the best damage combos.

  • And you can never have too much good luck ;)

1. How to set up your Slime team formation?

The first decision you make when entering the battle is setting up your battle team. And of course, you can customize it in any way you like. But again, do bear in mind that each Slime possesses its own weaknesses and strengths, so different team formations will lead to different fight results. Make sure you start off on the right foot.

2. Get Angel bless bonus - A gift from Slime Angel.

A distinctive feature of the Arena battle is that your team will receive 3 random bonus skills before the game starts.

The bonus is primarily determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) and provides your team with an equal opportunity of advantages.

3. On battle features

In the battle, Slimes auto-move and attack the opponents based on the initial setup.

All you have to do is to press the playing button to activate the Slime special skill in time.

4. Reward System of Arena Battle

The victor is the team that defeats all opponent Slimes first.

When the battle is over, these are the rewards that your battle team can get:

For Winner: 250 Cupid Essence (How much SCE your battle team can farm per hour?)

For Loser: 10,000 Crystals to upgrade their Slimes in PvE mode (help you get some fun in PvE Mode, of course)

5. Energy - Important factor of Arena Battle

Each NFT Slime has 48 Energy/day and can join a maximum of 12 PvP battles per day.

Each battle will cost them a total of 12 energy, and:

  • If your battle team has 3 NFT Slimes, each NFT slime will lose 4 Energy.

  • If your battle team has 2 NFT Slimes, each NFT slime will lose 6 Energy.

  • If your battle team has 1 NFT Slimes, your NFT slime will lose 12 Energy.

*If you have more than 3 NFT slimes, you can build more battle teams in your account.

*Free Slimes can join the battle team but they don't have Energy, which explains why you will need at least 1 NFT slime to join PvP Arena Battle


First look at the Marketplace

Transaction Currency:

  • USDT

  • SRG

Trading by SRG will be applied after IDO in Quarter 2 and players can chooce between USDT and SRG.

Marketplace Fees

The transaction fee on Slime Royle’s Marketplace is 3.66% of the transfer amount. This fee is fixed regardless of the currency used or items traded.

Marketplace bonus

Adventure Point:

Adventure Time is counted by the number of times a Slime is traded on Slime Royle’s Marketplace. Since a Slime’s strength increases along with this figure, those with high Adventure Time will be more desirable.

Bless for Friendship:

Friendship level represents the relationship between a Slime and its owner. Stat-wise, a Slime with a high Friendship level is also stronger. The current Friendship level will be reset to 0 when a Slime is sold to a new owner. However, 50% of the Friendship points will be retained if they are traded on Slime Royale’s marketplace.

Class & Genetics & Attributes


Slime’s Class is also an inherited characteristic that is passed from Slime parents to their offsprings and determined by its Mark. There are 6 Classes in Beta version with different features:

  • Tank: High defensive ability and high Hp

  • Warrior: Balanced fighting ability

  • Assassin: Ability to cause great damage to one target

  • Mage: Ability to cause AoE damage

  • Archer: Ability to cause ranged damage

  • Support: Ability to heal and support teammates.

Each class plays a different role in the team, the class of a slime parent will inherit to the slime child. Each class has a unique skill which is only transferred to children if the children are of the same class as their parents.


Genetics types:

A Slime has 7 different gene types that can transfer to a Baby Slime:

  • Mark: sign in the middle of the forehead that determines a Slime’s class.

  • Wings: leadership buff that influences the entire team's stats.

  • Facial Expression: passive buff to itself that affects Slime Characteristic.

  • Body: passive buff to one of the Slime's attributes.

  • Side head: passive buff to one of the Slime's attributes.

  • Up head: affects Normal attack. Tail: affects the Special Skill.

Skills can only be passed down among Slimes of the same class, meaning what skills a Baby Slime will inherit depends on whether it has the mark of its father Slime or mother Slime.

Genetics rarity

A Slime’s Class is determined by its genes, which will later influence the Slime’s stats itself. Each Class carries a unique Perfect gene set. There are altogether 4 generic types in hierarchy of strength: SS > S > A > B corresponding to Slime tiers. To put it simply, the stats of a Slime with more S gene will be significantly higher than that of those with B gene.

  • Legendary Slimes possesses an entire gene set of SS (SS gene can only be found in Legendary Slimes)

  • Perfect Slimes have all S genes.

  • The other Slime types can be of S - A - B genes at random

Note: the rarity of a body part varies according to a Slime’s Mark.


Possessing unique traits and characteristics, no Slime is the same, and therefore, no team formation leads to the same battle result. Here’s the guide to help you evaluate your Slimes’ strengths and decide on the best strategies to execute.

Basic attributes

  • ATK: Attack Points determine the ability of a Slime to make a physical strike. Slimes with higher Attack Points are able to do more damage to the opponents.

  • DEF: Defense Points measure a Slime’s defensive ability. High DEF helps increase a Slime’s chance of survival by reducing the damage from an attack.

  • HP: Health Point illustrates the survival rate of a Slime in a battle. The higher this stat is, the greater amount of damage a Slime can take.

  • ATK Spd: Attack Speed determines the time it takes for a Slime to perform normal attacks. This stat is in direct ratio to the measure of DPS (damage per second) and gives players a great advantage to win the battle.

  • Movement Spd: Movement Speed is the rate at which a Slime moves from one spot to the next.

  • CRIT Rate: Critical Rate is the probability of a Slime’s attack to dish out fatal damage to the opponent.

  • CRIT Dmg: Critical Damage is measured by the degree of damage caused by a critical hit.

  • Skill Cooldown is the amount of time it takes to use a special skill again. For example, a skill that has a cooldown of 10 seconds can be reused every 10 seconds.

  • Skill Dmg: Skill Damage is the degree of the damage caused by Slime’s special skill.

  • Attack Range: is the furthest distance a Slime can perform an attack.

  • Target point determines whether a Slime can inflict an attack on single or multiple targets at the same time.

  • Vision points are the ability of a Slime to recognize a monster in its vicinity.

Though in-born characteristics tend to remain stable over time, there are multiple ways for players to upgrade their Slimes and increase the likelihood of winning.

Advanced Attributes

Stellar Awakening Feature: There’re 6 Stellars hidden in each Slime that can be unlocked by a special ritual. The Stellar of a Slime is defined and affected by its Mark. Every time a Stellar is “awakened”, a Slime’s power level will increase tremendously and thus improve its chance of winning a battle. LINK

Leadership Buff: In a battle team, a certain attribute of all Slimes will be buffed according to the Leadership passive skill of the Slime leader. For example, if the battle team leader is a Slime with a Leadership Skill of attack, the attack attribution of other Slimes in the battle team will be buffed accordingly. This effect is maintained until the end of the battle, even when the leader is eliminated.

Friendship Level: the Friendship score does not only show how tight the bond between you and your Slimes is, but surprisingly, has an impact on your Slime’s attributes, meaning the higher this level is, the stronger a Slimes becomes. So be sure to take good care of your Slime to turn them into a powerful character on the battlefield.

Note: The Friendship level will be reset to 0 when a Slime’s ownership is transferred to someone else. However, 50% of the Friendship points will be retained if they are traded on Slime Royale’s Marketplace.

Adventure Point: Slimes are bold adventurers that have a strong desire to explore the world. Let your Slimes wander around by trading them on Slime Royale Marketplace. Slime's Adventure Time only increases when trading through the Marketplace. They’ll get mightier as this figure increases. In some cases, though rare, Slimes can even break their limits with their travel experience points.

Willingness: Slimes are peace-loving creatures. They’re against fighting, especially with their fellow Slimes. Therefore, their willingness to fight will start decreasing once they join a battle. To be more specific, each NFT Slime has 300 points of willingness at birth. From the first battle on, this stat drops by one point each day and if it’s below 100, a Slime’s strength will gradually decline in PvP battles.

  • 80-99: minor decrease

  • 60-79: mild decrease

  • 40-59: slight decrease

  • 20-39: moderate decrease

The balance between Play to earn and Play for fun

PvE and PvP are geared to creating a stable economy in Slime Royale, and helping the game avoid the pitfall of inflation that NFT games often encounter. Through the below comparison, we’re going to guide you to the difference between the two game modes and what each of them has to offer.

1. Purposes of the 2 modes

PvP Play-to-earn game mode will be the game mode for those who want to experience Slime Royale as an investment channel and earn extra income.

On the other hand, PvE Play-for-fun is what helps Slime Royale retain the original purpose of traditional games as a means of entertainment, which players can indulge themselves in after long hours of working/studying.

2. What are Earning Items?

These 2 game modes will also bring players completely different “earning items”.

While PvP players have a chance to acquire tradable and profit-making tokens: SCE (Utility Token) and SRG (Government Token), PvE players get Crystal (in-game currency) and an amount of SCE to take up trading. Additionally, renting NFT Slimes gives free players an alternative method of generating profit when they’re not yet ready to make an upfront investment. Don’t forget to take note of this to decide on the best fit for you later.

3. How to get rewards?

PvP: Players can receive Cupid Essence by participating in Arena mode every day. Especially, players can even earn SRG - Slime Royale's most important token when achieving high rankings in big tournaments from Slime Royale.

PvE: For the “Play for fun” group, the PvE mode will let you experience every corner of Slime Royale, from completing matches, missions, etc., to bringing your Free Slimes to participate in special events. And if you are an excellent player, you can absolutely stand at the top of every event and collect SCE Tokens to make profits.

4. Requirements

PvP: To participate in the PvP mode, players must have at least one NFT Slime. NFT Slimes can be obtained through breeding/opening Slime Royale Chest/buying-selling on the marketplace. Depending on the index, each NFT Slime will have a different value in the market.

PvE: As mentioned above, PvE is accessible to every Slime Royale player. In this mode, players will be given a Free Slime to embark on their journey. You will receive more free new Slimes or crystals as a reward for each level unlocked.

5. Gameplay style

To diversify the user experience, the Slime Royale team also designed each game mode in different ways of playing.

PvP mode is designed according to Semi-Action RPG gameplay. Players only need to arrange the Slime squad, click to trigger Skill for the Slimes, and they will automatically attack their opponent.

PvE mode is a hybrid of Action RPG and Tower Defense gameplay. There are a total of 3 different modes in PvE for players to explore: Protecting the Slime House, Boss raid Co-op and Puzzle. PvE mode will be an excellent opportunity for you to experience many exciting features of Slime Royale.

6. Slime leveling mechanism from each mode

Of course, your Slimes need to become stronger through each match. Let's see how your Slimes will be upgraded in each game mode.

In PvP mode, all Slimes are at level 1 to begin with to ensure fairness for players. Slimes can be significantly powered up with the “Awakening” function. A player can unlock up to 6 Stellar of each Slime using this function.

in PvE mode, in contrast, depending on the player's performance, the Slime will be able to upgrade its strength through each level of play. In addition, Slime's strength indicators are the same as in PvP and can be upgraded through the “Awakening" feature.

7. Angel Bless bonus

Angel Bless Bonus is a unique feature where your Slime team can receive skills to gain advantages in battle. The Angel Bless Bonus mechanism is also different depending on whether it is PvP or PvE mode. In PvP mode, at the beginning of the match, your Slime will receive 3 Angel Bless Bonus, and in PvE mode, you will have to defeat NPCs to upgrade your Angel Bless. There are 15 levels in total, and each level will give you a different bonus skill.

Every NFT slimes are equal at level 1 when joining Arena. Slime strength will be affected by the awakening function.

Can level up your slime to better PvE performance. Slime strength will be affected by the awakening function.

Angel bless bonus

Get 3 random bonuses at starting.

Kill monsters to level up Angel Bless Level. Each level will give you a random bonus skill. Maximum 15 LVL each battle.

Invest to Earn

We know there will be many players who love Slime Royale but do not have time to play. Therefore, we design a Renting System that will help you enjoy the game in a different way and get benefit from the game.

If you have some free-money and want to invest, or you are so busy and cannot nurture your slime, you can:

  • Collecting NFT Slimes, put it in Renting System and set your own tax.

  • Gaining passive income from collecting and renting your NFT Slimes.

  • Hiring other players to take care and nurture your slime to keep them healthy and growing.

Slime Royale Renting System will guarantee your renting contract, protect your NFT Slimes, provide a rating system to help you evaluate and choose the best player to take care of your slimes.

Free to Play and Earn


One of Slime Royale’s Foundation Principles to keep the game's economic balance is to attract both types of players: play-to-earn and play-for-fun.

If Slime Royale requires players to pay money to join the game, it will prevent many players from enjoying Slime Royale. It will be against our Foundation Principles and limit the expansion of Slime Royale. ‌

We believe that Slime Royale is an interesting game, and can attract many players to build up a lasting game community itself. That is why we decided to build a Free-to-Play model, and players don't need any investment to enjoy the game.

Free-To-Play in Slime Royale

The new players will be given a Free slime to play which can be used to earn native in-game currency (Slime Royale Crystal). The Player will get more Free Slimes after finishing the main quest.

Free Slime vs. NFT Slime

  • The owner of Free Slime or NFT Slime can enjoy all of the game's battle modes.

  • You cannot buy, sell or trade a Free Slime on the MarketPlace.

  • Players will earn fewer tokens with Free Slime than NFT Slime.

  • Free Slime cannot mint or be used in breeding.

Free-To-Earn in Slime Royale

Not only "play for fun", but there are also many ways to help you raise your income without any investment in Slime Royale:

  • Reaching top ranking in PvE mode to get Cupid Essence (SCE) - which can help you breed a new slime or sell SCE direct in the Marketplace.

  • Renting an NFT Slime from Renting System and earn SCE & SRG through the PvP game.

  • After reaching a certain level, Free Slime can join special events to win the SCE as rewards.

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