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The P2E game market has achieved rapid growth, and even at this moment, countless games and problems are emerging. We started this project to solve the structural problem of P2E games.

Recognizing the limitations and problems of the P2E market

Play-to-Earn. This system, in which rewards obtained through gameplay are linked to real revenue, has provided a new paradigm for the game's revenue model, driven by the growth of blockchain and NFT, and the success of Axie Infinity. Finally, developers and investors entered this market and started preparing for P2E games. At the moment, there are countless P2E games on the market.

We've been playing and scrutinizing P2E games in our respective positions. Sometimes we made profit, and sometimes we lost. What we have witnessed in the process is that so many P2E games have vanished in vain because of basic obstacles.

Some game offered amazing benefits to free users to attract new users. DAU temporarily rose significantly, but the price of this ‘free income’ was horrendous inflation. This is because the proportion of people who immediately sell their profits to the market is overwhelmingly higher than those who reinvest their profits from the game.

We witnessed the negative effects of increased advertising costs as a result of many competitors appearing in the market. Some games were successful in attracting users' attention by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertisements and promotions before launch, but this also caused serious inflation. Excessive airdrops before launch led to dumping from the first day of DEX trading, causing the token price to drop, and the development team had to use a larger percentage of the tokens allocated to their marketing pool to cover their marketing expenses. As such, more tokens were distributed on the market, which led to a vicious cycle that brought further price declines. Excessive PR costs have also caused damage to holders.

We reviewed the operation cases of numerous P2E games and analyzed the realities and alternatives facing P2E games, sometimes playing them directly. We have concluded that we need a paradigm shift to compensate for the short lifespan of P2E games that are pouring out.

Motivation of the Development

Unlike the existing coin market, where developers, foundations, and users have grown into a single strong holder community, the P2E game market, which is still in its infancy, has not yet abandoned the relationship of company- customer. We analyzed it the root of the problems occurring in the existing P2E market.

We begin our relationship as the developer and the player, but that is not same as the relationship between the company and the customer. We decided to develop the game in a way that raises the value of RETA together with players, breaking the traditional corporate custom such as selling goods (NFT) to customers. We will strive for the growth and circulation of the RETA ecosystem, and furthermore, build a holder community that promotes common interests. This is the right direction for the P2E game ecosystem we are proposing.

As we prepare ‘Reta Wars’, the first game of the RETA ecosystem, we would like to faithfully depict the basis for this ecosystem to expand further. The second and third games we'll be releasing later will also expand in a way that shares the existing ecosystem and works for the RETA holder community. We determined to call this ecosystem Retaverse.


Two gods who conflicted while filling the void of the main god who once created the world. They waged a war for possession of Retarion, the legacy of the main god, Through their human followers.

Reta, God of the Beginning

In the beginning, there was a god who came down to the world. His name is 'Reta'.

The god of birth and god of everything, he wanted to create a new world, but he couldn't do it alone, so he took off his body and started making gods. The gods created in this way had different personalities and abilities, and they worshiped Reta as the main god and were creating the world of gods.

Then one day the gods thought that it would be good to have people who worshiped them just as they worshiped Reta. Thus, the god of sculpture molded a creature out of clay, and the god of life breathed into it to create a human being. The gods were delighted with the birth of humans and shared their personalities with humans, and humans soon formed groups to worship the gods and make sacrifices as the gods wanted.

Reta, who was delighted to see these gods, took some of his body and planted it in the middle of the plain to celebrate this event. It soon grew to be a large tree.

Soon after, fruit grew on the tree. Reta This fruit, called ‘Retarion’, meaning fruit gifted by god, gives strength to the body and makes the person feel good who holds it. Humans thank the gods for gifts and sacrifice some of them. This peaceful coexistence of gods and humans seemed to last forever.

Death of Reta and Tyranny

However, not all gods welcomed human beings. ‘Karthus,’ who was the god of conflict, was dissatisfied with the birth of human beings, and gave humans negative feelings such as conflict and jealousy. Soon, humans fought and feuded with each other. Karthus then blamed Reta as the cause of the fight.

As fights and conflicts continued, the gods who cared for humans mistook the god Reta for the root of the problem and rebelled against the god Reta, but there were no gods that could harm Him. Except for Karthus …

Thus, Karthus, who assassinated Reta and ascended to the throne, brought both the gods and the human worlds into conflict. In the end, among the gods who could not stand the tyranny of Karthus, the bravest god ‘Gaia,’ the god of nature and ‘Nate’ the god of wisdom joined together to end the breath of Karthus.

After the disappearance of Karthus, peace seemed to return to the worlds of gods and humans again, but the seeds of conflict once sown were not completely removed.

Retarion, Legacy of Reta

As Karthus disappeared, the throne of the gods became vacant, and the gods who had been equal with each other began to covet the vacant throne. Among them, 'Gaia' and 'Nate', who made the biggest contribution to defeating Karthus, began to fight each other for their own achievements and to become the god of gods.

However, many other gods, realizing from the precedent of Karthus how precarious the throne was if it was taken without cause and reasonable ground, demanded legitimacy from them. They believed that the legitimacy of Reta lies in Retarions, the legacy and traces of Reta and asked them to show Retarions that they have secured.

Gaia and Nate each demanded more Retarions from the humans who followed them. In order to serve more Retarion to their gods, humans eventually split into two factions and became involved in a long, endless war.

Reta War, an Endless War

It is usually a peaceful great plain, but when the Retarion is bearing fruits, people gather for the glory of their gods. At first, it was a battle between small tribes, but it led to build a more advanced city, honing more sophisticated skills and tactics over the years to win their opponents.

But it is still not enough to end the war. The times call for powerful heroes to bring order to this chaotic world. Please be the light in this endless war and the last protagonist in the history to enjoy the great blessings that God has given to you.

Reta Wars: 1st Reta

The ‘Reta Wars’ is the first game that builds the foundations of the Retaverse ecosystem, which depicts a war between two nations to acquire more Retarions, the legacy of the Creator.


Players must choose one of two countries and then become a lord who rules the small land, hiring and leading NFT heroes. By deploying hired heroes to facilities prepared in the territory, make them supply war materials to the nation, or sometimes directly deploy them to the battlefield. All these actions are to secure the victory in Reta War.


The ‘Reta Wars’ is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role play, growth, competition, and chance. It does not require busy and fast hand movements like an action game, but it requires thought and wise decisions to effectively control the heroes. The player can establish a long-term strategy, place heroes in the right place, and get rewards based on their performance as a profit.


Players can scrutinize the skills and stats of their hired NFT Heroes and place them in facilities installed on their estates. Heroes produce resources or engage in battles where they are deployed according to their abilities and skills.

Players can level up their heroes or equip them with weapons to increase their abilities. Heroes with higher levels will reward you with higher productivity and combat power, and weapons will greatly enhance the hero's specific skills. Players can get better opportunities to get better yields by improving their heroes in this way.

These growth factors require players to scrutinize and compare, while at the same time ask them to reinvest some of the profits from the game to drive better returns.


Reta War, a daily warfare, is the title of this game and core P2E content. Reta War compares the resources and troops that each player has contributed for their country and plays the simulation results on a large-scale battle screen. You can't directly control the hero, but you can watch the troops you support in action. The winning country will receive 75% of the victory reward, and the losing country will receive 25%.


The most special feature of the ‘Reta War’ is the carefully planned token ecosystem and circulation policy. We have analyzed numerous P2E games and benchmarked the best practices to adopt the dual token system of $RETA and $Goldrose. Besides, we added our proprietary circulation policy on the top of it.


The first NFT you'll encounter in Reta Wars, will be with you at the start and end of the game. Players progress through the game by having their heroes produce resources or sending them into battle.


Heroes are NFT assets that play a key role in the ‘Reta Wars’. All content proceed around the heroes. So you must have at least a hero to play the ‘Reta Wars’.

Every hero has 5 Stats and 5 Skills, which are randomly determined when they are first created, and their final ability is determined by their rarity.

No hero is designed to excel in every way. Therefore, you need to closely monitor the abilities of the heroes you hire and place them where they can work most effective.


Stats are the basic abilities of a hero, and their rarity determines the final stats. All of the hero's activities are finalized through a complex calculation process between Stats and Skills.

​[VIT] Vitality: This is an indicator of the hero's maximum HP. It is related to the survival rate of the hero on the battlefield or the ability to sustain production activities.

​[STR] Strength: Strength refers to physical attack power in combats. It also affects the results of all production activities such as Mining, Logging and Farming. In particular, it has a significant impact on Mining and Logging.

​[AGI] Agility: Agility refers to the chance to critically strike during a combat. Meanwhile, it also affects the results of Mining and Logging.

​[INT] Intelligence: Intelligence represents the magic attack power in the battle. It also affects the results of all production activities such as Mining, Logging and Farming. In particular, it has a significant impact on Farming.

​[LUK] Lucky: Luck is precious itself. luck makes us all happy.


If stats are a hero's basic ability, then Skill is an indicator that determines which field a hero can make an effective action. All heroes have 5 skills, but the appearance and job of the hero is determined by the most outstanding skill.

​Combat: Heroes placed in the barracks are affected by this skill level. The influence of strength and agility determines the hero's Combat Point (CP). In particular, the higher the strength, the greater the CP. This has a decisive effect on the battle against the enemy.

​Mining: It affects the mining ability of the hero when he is placed in the mine. Mining Point (MP) is determined by strength and agility. You will get better results, especially when the hero has high strength.

​Logging: It relates to the ability of a hero to produce lumber when he is placed in the Lumber Mill. The Logging Point (LP) is determined by strength, agility, and intelligence. You will get better results, especially when the hero has high strength.

​Farming: It relates to the ability of a hero to produce food when placed on the farm. It is affected by Strength and Intelligence and determines the Farming Point (FP). You will get better results, especially when the hero has high intelligence.

​Crafting: When crafting weapons or skins, you can get better results if you borrow the hand of a hero with high crafting skill.


When a hero is first created, their rarity is randomly determined. It is divided into five levels, from Common to Legendary. The higher the rarity, the greater the sum of Stats and Skills. However, it is designed so that the minimum and maximum values intersect. Therefore, it is important to closely understand the abilities of even low-rarity heroes and keep an eye on their growth potential.


Leveling up your heroes will increase their combat and production capabilities. If a hero with a low rarity shows potential for growth, he can increase his level to further strengthen his strengths and achieve a performance comparable to that of a high rarity.

  • Hero leveling up requires a hero of the same rank and a small amount of $Goldrose tokens.

  • Higher level heroes cost more to level up.

  • There is a chance that the level-up may fail at a high level. However, the failure does not decrease the hero’s level.


This is the NFT asset you will encounter in the world of the ‘Reta Wars’. Heroes can perform even better when they are equipped with weapons.


Weapons are NFTs that support heroes and make them stronger. Weapons are rare, but they are powerful, and they can completely change the character of a hero depending on the use.

Weapon Production

Weapons cannot be purchased through the store by default. It can only be crafted through participation in game content. In order to craft a weapon, you must first acquire a blueprint, one of the random rewards at the reward chest in the ‘Reta War’. There are many different types of weapon blueprints, some of which can be obtained with extremely rare chance.

Players can trade blueprints with other players on the Marketplace, or they can craft their own weapons using such blueprints. Crafting a weapon usually requires blueprints, materials, and a hero to execute the crafting.

Players can check the blueprints they have in the Forge installed in the territory and check the amount of materials to craft them. To craft a weapon, you will need a certain amount of ore, wood, food, and a small amount of $GRT, along with a blueprint.

After checking the drawings and materials in Forge's Weapon Crafting section, you can select a hero to craft the weapon with. A hero's Crafting Skill level determines the amount of time to craft a weapon and the quality of the result.


The greatest characteristic of a weapon is its very existence. Even the lowest-ranked weapon can greatly increase the performance of the hero and expand its usefulness. There are also many different types of weapons. There are weapons that enhance Combat Skills or stats. Sometimes you can get an ax that enhances your logging skills, or a drill that increases the mining amount in the mine. If you equip your hero with this, you can further strengthen the strengths of your hero or compensate for his weaknesses.

Special Appearance

Weapons also stand out in Reta War. When a hero equipped with a weapon is placed in the barracks to participate in Reta War, you can see the hero fighting on the game result screen using that weapon. Heroes who do not have weapons are wearing basic, monotonous weapons, so heroes who are equipped with special weapons get a lot of visual attention.


The very few commanders who have developed their territories to be a powerful state turned their eyes out of the territories to further expand their forces and began exploring.


Island is a strategic NFT that only a few players who have reached the top level of the game need to further expand their influence. It is not known how to obtain the ownership of this island, but the mysterious magic that swirls there is said to provide special wealth to those who will own the island.

  • Regardless of their country of origin, resources equal to half of the common fee (5%) incurred when all players harvest resources from a territory, will be distributed equally among the players who own the NFT Island.

  • In order to store the resources obtained in this way, a separate resource storage facility is prepared on the island. The maximum amount of resources, which the players who take ownership of the island can hold, will slightly increase.

  • Rumors are circulating that there are special facilities that have not yet been revealed in unexplored areas of the island.

  • The method of acquiring ownership of the island is not yet known, but once acquired, ownership can be traded on the Marketplace at any time.


I'm working with a few reviews for Reta Wars Team, I have to translate a few of their posts and publish them on crypto-related websites as well I'll be working on a video review about the ecosystem too.


Estou trabalhando com algumas resenhas para o Reta Wars Team, tenho que traduzir alguns de seus posts e publicá-los em sites relacionados a criptomoedas também estarei trabalhando em uma revisão em vídeo sobre o ecossistema.

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